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Short Run Self Publish
  • Hi. Close to publishing a memoir with a print run of only 50. Have considered Ingram Spark. Create Space also comes to mind. Anyone have practical experience with this? Project will be paperback of approx 380 pages. Thanks.
  • If you go with IS you will need to buy an ISBN and pay set-up costs (remember that you get an ALLi discount). CS will be cheaper. There's quite a good discussion on the ALLi forum at the moment about the quality differences. CS do seem to be able to reproduce images very well – which might be important if you have any photos in the book.

    I've just produced a memoir for someone using CS and it's lovely. The family are chuffed to bits.

    In the post today was a CS paperback memoir that I'm reading and reviewing. It's been very, very nicely produced.

    Why not ask on the ALLi forum and get more feedback than I can offer?
  • Ok, thanks BB. I did use Alli recently for another matter; I just thought I might get a different cross-section of opinion through here. By the way, I do have my own block of ISBNs.

    I have seen some good CS product; I think the professionalism rests with the author, because the 'iffy' ones seem to have the unsightly problem of 2-line 'widows' carried over to an end-of-chapter page. Thanks.
  • You'd get those issues with IS books. It's all down to what's uploaded. Neither providers will edit the files.
  • With CS you don't need to decide in advance exactly how many copies you'll have printed. If you end up wanting only 35, you don't pay for more, and if there's more interest than you'd expected, getting a few more would be no problem.
  • MutleyMutley
    CS is cheaper and easier for some aspects of setup. Both have good and bad reports. I have used CS extensively and am largely happy with them. I am about to use Ingram but that is because if distribution to book shops.