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How to lead a small workshop
  • LizyLizy
    As part of our village Art Festival, Mim and I are running a workshop in church.
    It's only for an hour and a half so not too onerous, but on the other hand there's no time to faff about.
    Mim says she will allow no more than eight, but I doubt we'll get even that many, so it's going to be a small group.

    The idea (Mim's) is for them to write a poem or some prose inspired by an aspect of the church building.
    It could be the whole thing or just a bit of a window.

    Has anyone on TB done anything similar and is able to pass on some advice?

    BTW There will be another group using the same inspirational prompts to draw or paint.
  • I attended a session where we had to pick an item we could see in the room- that we would then go on to use in a story or poem.

    So will they be somewhere where they can have five-ten minutes to look and decide? That makes the assumption that the people attending are very familiar with the building and windows- are they? If not they need at least ten minutes to look and choose.
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  • You could take one item of your choosing. People are often surprised at how many ideas are generated by one item.
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  • LizyLizy
    Carol, those who have signed up so far know the church, but there are 3 weeks to go.
    Perhaps we should have a couple of features in mind to suggest if people can't decide for themselves.
  • CarolCarol
    Might be a good idea Lizy.

    When there's so much to choose from, it can be difficult to decide.