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Swanwick 2017
  • Who's going this year? The countdown has definitely started!
  • Sadly I won't be there this year but will be thinking about you all. Enjoy!
  • montholonmontholon
    I'll miss you, Nefertari. This will be my twelfth consecutive year!
  • It clashes with my sister's visit from America. Not seen her for 5 years. Lots of catching up to do!
    Are you doing a workshop this year?
  • montholonmontholon
    No, although I've offered to be an 'ambassador' to welcome new Swanwickers and to run one of the Tuesday 'no procrastination' sessions.
  • MutleyMutley
    Nef -bring your sister! You have to come to Swanwick. What will I do without you? :(

    I'll be there montholon - in the absence of Nef I will need you to keep me on the straight and narrow ;)
  • montholonmontholon
    I'll do my best, Mutley. Maybe you could do the same for me?
  • NefertariNefertari
    Mutley I will miss you and Montholon and everyone else but my sister is not at all interested in writing and would not enjoy it. She likes dogs though especially Airdales and has two. Does that help? :)
  • MutleyMutley
    Wilma's best friend is an Airedale - will she do as a substitute? :)
  • NefertariNefertari
    She might!
  • montholonmontholon
    This year's programme arrived through the letter box today. It looks very good!
  • How about you, Webbo? Will you and your team be joining us at some point this year?
  • How's it going? Any photos?
  • WebboWebbo
    We visited today and had a really lovely time, and all wished we could have stayed longer. Apologies to anyone I didn't get chance to say hello to, or didn't have long enough to talk properly (I'm looking at you Lol!)
    From what little we saw it felt very lively this year, and good to hear about some of the innovations in the programming!
    There are a couple of pics of us on the various social networks.
    Anyone who's there, buckle down for the final push!