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The Anatomy of Monsters
  • The Anatomy of Monsters is out now!

    Monsters, creatures, and demons once plagued the world. Some still do. Many stories of their origin have been lost. Until now when the most decadent minds discovered new origins to creatures that have haunted us through the ages. Gather around as Ramsey Campbell, Gary McMahon, Josh Malerman, and Brian Hodge, along with 15 more of some of horrors best authors present their takes on the anatomy of monsters.

    And the reviews are already starting :D


    My favourite highlight...

    "Perhaps the best of the early insights into…[sic] stories is Steven Chapman’s Le Mort Vivant which uses the setting of the tunnels beneath the Paris opera House to great effect in this engaging tale of the Phantom’s early years."

    Get your copy here - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1945263997
  • LizLiz
    Congratulations, b-r!
  • Yeah, congrats. Cover's rather appealing, too!
  • CarolCarol
    Congratulations. =D>
  • Brilliantly creepy!
  • ClaudiaClaudia
    Congratulations and hope you get lots of sales. I love the book title!
  • LizyLizy
    How exciting, br!
  • C2
    Will it be available, at sometime, in a kindle version. I enjoyed the last book :)
    Congratulations, BR.
  • It will be (and was yesterday when it was launched) - I will check why the ebook version seems to have disappeared off Amazon.
    Thanked by 1C2
  • The Kindle version is back on Amazon, and it's also available on Kindle Unlimited if you want to save a bit of cash:

    Paperback: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1945263997
    Kindle: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B073SNX482
  • Sounds fabulous, br!

    And congratulations on the mention. You must be delighted!
  • Beyond happy just to be gracing the pages as some of my heroes :D
  • Many congrats - looks great!
  • Congrats - love the cover. Kindle version is skewed at the moment with some lines overprinted by others.
  • Beyond happy just to be gracing the pages as some of my heroes :D

    From what I have read, BR you are more than equal...for real.

  • No, no, no, no, no, no...no.
  • But thanks :P
  • Congratulations.
  • Thanks all :)
  • Well done BR
  • Literally the day after the launch my bio was requested for another antho I'm appearing in and I quickly updated it to include:

    "His work has featured in anthologies alongside Ramsey Campbell and Josh Malerman..."
  • Good stuff, BR. Well done.
  • danfangodanfango
    Stirling work, BR.

    And a very happy birthday to you!
  • LizyLizy
    You're on a roll, br - long may it continue!