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You know you've done your job as a writer when...
  • Mrs Bear
    A friend lent her paperback copy of 'Mrs Calcott's Army' to a dear friend of hers who has been very ill, and is going blind. Her husband reads it to her in the evenings when she's in bed. He's enjoying it so much he doesn't realise she's nodded off, and goes on reading, and has to go back a few pages next day. He wants to know when the next one's coming out.
    It's lovely to think that my words are giving pleasure to people going through difficult times.
  • That is so lovely, Mrs B. I don't think there can be a better compliment.
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  • ana sana s
    Lovely to know you've written something with that immersive quality that can actually lift people above their circumstances.
  • LizLiz
    Oh, how wonderful!
  • Everything you could hope for as a writer! Delighted for you, Mrs Bear.
    Thanked by 1Mrs Bear
  • LizyLizy
    Oh wow! Mrs Bear - a well-deserved accolade - how lovely for you to hear that.
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  • CarolCarol
    That's a lovely compliment Mrs Bear.
  • That is so heart-warming, Mrs B - it must have made you feel delighted and probably a little humbled.
  • Definitely humbled, Claudia, but so pleased that they are both enjoying the book while they share their precious time together.
  • That's fantastic Mrs Bear!
  • A real compliment.
  • Yes, so rewarding for you. That's the sort of feedback we rarely hear.

    But Mrs B; you are sure the lady's 'nodding off' through tiredness? :D
  • So I'm told, PET.