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  • Who among us does illustrations? I have an idea of what i want, and could draw it myself, but i don't want it to look amateurish and i don't know how to produce a book cover.
  • A good illustrator won't necessarily create a good cover, Lizy. You might need an illustrator and a cover designer. Getting the font right is a skill in itself.
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  • Katie does it, she is very good. Can't recall her name here though... but you must know her on FB?
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  • LizLiz
    (The peeps who are doing our shape book insist the cover is ore important than anything else, so it does pay to get it right!)
  • Katie Stewart - Magic Owl Designs
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  • And as Baggy says - THE FONT.
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  • I've just done a cover for my next Pluto book coming out next year but the title, font etc was already done from the last book which helped. I used Photoshop, scanned in a drawing and then drew over it.
  • I'd have to learn how before i could do that!
  • It helps that my version of Photoshop is limited and about a billion years old! Not too many buttons!
  • Is Photoshop part of Microsoft?
  • Photoshop is part of Adobe, and can be quite expensive.
  • £10 per month.
  • Liz said:

    £10 per month.

    Worth it if you are using it a lot.

    I have their Elements 9 that I bought when I got my Windows 7 computer.

  • LizLiz
    Elements doesn't have all the things you need to do drawing stuff and book cover. You need the whole package.
  • I don't have the skills for making my own book covers.
  • LizyLizy
    Neither have I, Carol ,,I shall have to see what's out there soon!
  • I use Elements - it came free with a drawing tablet a few years ago. Limited but just about enough for my needs.