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Anyone near Exeter?
  • Will be there on Sept 30th with Jan Dean, plus giant magnetic poetry - we aim to set some poems free!
  • That sounds great, Liz, when you say 'set some poems free' are they printed on balloons or something similar. Maybe just there for the viewing :)
  • Oooh, i would love you to come, C2!

    No, no balloons, their production ravages the rainforest and they kill animals. There is absolutely nothing good about a balloon.

    It's just setting the poems free that are inside you... it's very with magnets, you just have to play and the words are carefully chosen! The juxtapositions of words in their boxes helps, too.

    If you want you will be able to wrote your poem in a little booklet or hang it on the tree, if I can take it.
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  • Unfortunate choice of words, Liz. I wondered about balloons but thought it unlikely.

    Too far for me but I'm sure it will be a great event!