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Who's In November 2017's Writing Magazines?
  • Who's in November 2017's magazine? The magazines probably won’t be in the shops until 5th October so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

    If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and WHICH PAGE; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.
  • kado
    Mine's arrived. I've spotted one from TB straight away.
  • WiltsWilts
    Mine waiting for me when I arrived home. Will look at it this evening.
  • MutleyMutley
    I'm there! Hope the article helps some of you to try advertising and if you do and get stuck pm me. Actually sold 70 of that book last month so on the up!
  • WiltsWilts
    Well done Mutley. Saw your picture and article. Not had a chance to read it yet.
    But I will.
  • I'm looking forward to reading that, Mutley.
  • Me too!
  • CarolCarol
    Me too.
    Well done Mutley.
  • kado
    Well done, Mutley. You are the one I spotted first.
  • Mine's just arrived. It's going to the dentist with me.
  • No sign of mine. :(
  • Won't get to see mine until I return home from Spain at the end of the month. :(
  • No sign of mine. :(
  • That was a nice surprise! Just found my new picture book on page 58 in the interview with my editor Kimara Nye at Maverick. It's the middle one, Daddy and I.
  • WebboWebbo
    That's why I picked that one Lou! A few familiar names at Maverick I think.
  • Aw thanks Webbo!
  • CarolCarol
    Well done Lou. :)
  • Well done, Lou.
  • WiltsWilts
    Well done Lou.
  • Wonderful, Lou!
  • ana sana s
    No mag yet but well done Lou and Mutley.
  • Ditto from me!

  • ClaudiaClaudia
    Congrats to Mutley and Lou.
  • MutleyMutley
    well done Lou
  • My copy's just arrived. Spotted three TBers.
  • Great article Mutley!
    Thanked by 1Mutley
  • kado
    Well done, Lou.
  • Just going to have a read.

    Thanks for the, pocket Writer's Handbook, it will be well used.
  • sallyj
    Well done Lou & Mutley.
    Am now inspired to investigate AMS ads myself, Mutley - but I don't think they give away $100 free anymore or am I missing something?
  • I think the offer runs periodically to get people in so it's worth looking.
    Thanked by 1sallyj