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Can't delete a folder
  • I opened a folder today that I haven't touched since 2014.
    Tried to rename it - was told it can't be done because the folder, or a file in it, is open in another programme.
    That isn't true as far as I can see.
    I opened a new folder and successfully copied and pasted to it the 2 files it contained, so I've covered my arse, but now I can't delete the folder for the same reason.
    It's annoying - anyone got a solution?
  • Very annoying. I don't know what the correct solution is, but my default position when things like this happen is to restart my computer and hope the problem goes away (it usually does).
  • Same as Claudia: when it happens to me I wait until the next day and then try again. Restarting the computer seems to solve it.
  • Smash up the PC in disgust.
  • If I could afford to...