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'Saturday Review' Radio 4
  • Tom Sutcliffe is going to include in his Saturday 30th programme a quote of mine which I sent in response to his call for comments about cultural events his listeners enjoyed during 2017.
  • I realised in dismay that I'd be away on the 30th. So I took the radio with me intending to tune in to the programme. After a nail biting day wondering what my words might sound like and what the consequences of such publicity might be I plugged in and switched on at 7 o'clock. T y gwed igsol Cumri ....! Radio 4 had gone Celtic! Desperate I ran downstairs at 7. 13 to hotel reception. The receptionist understood my babble and kindly found English Radio 4 via the TV for me. Phew! 15 seconds of fame was mine and no undesirable consequences ... so far!
  • I'm glad you got to hear it.
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