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Those of you with books on KDP
  • I have completely forgotten how to check which books have been sold. When I click on 'Reports', I get a line graph with vertical lines to indicate sales on different dates. Is there a way to check which books these lines pertain to?

    I'm sure there used to be!
  • LizyLizy
    Sorry - I#ve only got one book on there!
  • Yes. Either click on 'month to date' (near top of page) which will give you a list from the current month, or find 'All titles' (immediately above the sales graph) and click the double headed arrow and select a title. You can look at the sales for each title individually.

    For data prior to the last 30 days, select 'historical'.
    Thanked by 1Tiny Nell
  • Thank you, Patsy!
  • Now I just need to find a way to make those numbers go up.
  • Let me know if you find a way!