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Newbie alert!
  • Hi everyone! I'm a newbie and very excited to be part of the Talkback group. I live in Australia and my husband bought me an online subscription to WM for Christmas - what a treat as we don't have a mag dedicated to writing anywhere near as helpful and full of friendly advice like this one.
    I'm so looking forward to meeting like-minded writers to learn from and share with.
  • LizyLizy
    Welcome Crow! What do you write?
  • WiltsWilts
    Hello and welcome to Talkback CRW.
  • Welcome!
  • LizLiz
    Hello and welcome, CRW.
  • Lovely to meet you, CRW!
  • CarolCarol
    Hello CRW. :)
  • Hiya!
  • G'day! How lovely to welcome a new Aussie to our fold. :)
  • Hi.
  • C2
    Hi and welcome.
  • Hi everyone and thanks so much for the warm welcome. In answer to your question Lizy write women's fiction, although there are a number of guys who profess to be fans too!
    My two published books are Torn and Inviolate set in Yorkshire, UK.
    G'day back Claudia! Are you an Aussie too? Where are you?
    Please forgive me, everyone. I'm so new to forums like this, I really don't know how they work so I'd love to hear from anyone who could tell me how long you've been chatting and what sort of info you share.
    Thanks & thanks again for your kind welcome!

  • G'day back Claudia! Are you an Aussie too? Where are you?

    No, but I feel like a token Aussie because I used to live in Fiji and often visited friends and cousins over there so it became a bit of a home away from home. I've since relocated from Fiji to Ireland, but I left a piece of my heart in the Southern Hemisphere.
    I've travelled fairly extensively in Australia - but still only scratched the surface of your vast land!
    Whereabouts are you?
  • Lovely to meet you CRW - welcome. You ask how long we've been popping in to this forum - well I've been visiting since 2005 so I guess you could say I've grown old here.
  • We used to have - oh, crikey, I've forgotten Katie's forum name, who lives I think in Victoria, and we still occasionally get visits from Island Girl, who live in Oz.
  • Hello CRW!
  • Liz - Katie is Nena and she lives in Western Australia. We also used to have a member called 'Kangaroo' from the Sydney area (I think). Island Girl moved from Victoria to Western Australia.
  • Oh - pongo! He an Aussie, too!
  • No, pongo is a kiwi.
  • Claudia said:

    No, pongo is a kiwi.

    If a stranger was reading this thread...
  • Is he? But he goes on walkabout. Do they do that in NZ as well?
  • Hello, good evening. And welcome.
    As someone used to say.

    Hope you find the forum useful and good luck with the scribbling.
  • I'd like to say hello as a 'newbie' although I have graced these threads in another life.
    I left to concentrate on writing, still concentrating but still not writing. Thought I'd pop back to see who's about. Hey Carol, now you I remember. Anyway, I'll stick around for a bit and see how I get along. Is the old Pantomime thread still going, I recall we had a good laugh with that one around Xmas time. Liking the new site format!! MarcB
  • Hi Marc.
    Lovely to have your company again.
    Hope you enjoy ours!
  • Hi CRW - I’m checking in from Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland. Been a TB member for many years but my attendance is erratic as I’m involved in so many online forums! :D
  • Hi MarcB.

    Sadly our numbers have declined from when you were here, but you'll soon get to know everyone who's arrived since your last visit.
  • Who were you last time, marc? Or do you prefer to keep your past under wraps!
  • Hey, MarcB of the wicked sense of humour is back. Hope you stick around, Marc. :)
  • Hi Marc!