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Adblock/Chrome/Browser problem
  • On Monday I tried to open Google Chrome, my usual browser, but got a black screen with a bubble saying Adblock had crashed, and I should click on the bubble to fix it. Nothing happened. All day. Then Firefox wouldn't work either, saying it too had crashed.
    I uninstalled Chrome yesterday and tried to reinstall it today but it won't.
    Today I downloaded Google Search but can't see how to get a toolbar. Or bookmarks.
    I am floundering around wondering what to do next. Is it me or have all browsers crashed?
  • BTW, I am doing this on my tablet.
  • Uninstall adblock?
  • Can't find it!
  • It should be on your bookmarks bar. It isn't 'intstalled' on your computer. You can remove it from the bar. Can you see the red hex with a grey hand?


  • My adblock symbol on my desktop is a red hex with ABP in white lettering, so each type of device it might display slightly differently.
  • Yes, my adblock is the same as Carol's.
    Hope you can sort it out Lizy - sorry I can't offer any advice.
  • I'll try tomorrow baggy, been too busy with mum today. BTW, have lost my bookmarks bar along with chrome.
  • If you can access google search, Lizy, it seems there has been a long-standing problem with Adblock crashing Google Chrome. There's a google users page there at productforums.google.com with all sorts of convoluted answers, but one might work for you.
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  • I've not had issues with adblock plus on Chrome, but I can't remember if I downloaded the version for Chrome or the standard version.
  • LizyLizy
    Thanks Mrs B, an IT girl sorted it for me. I had seen the problem wasn't just mine.