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Setting your own deadline. Does it work?
  • After your support last week, I've started writing a Flash Fiction piece for a competition where the deadline is 26th March. It's certainly given me something to aim for and I wondered if others set themselves deadlines to complete writing. Does it work?
  • Yes, having a competition date means that you have no other choice than to work towards it and get it finished (and polished) in time.

    You could start making a list of similar comps out there and write the dates on your calendar. If you miss a few, it doesn't matter. And you can always recycle pieces.
  • I am much more disciplined if I have a deadline because it gives me no choice. The book I'm writing is another matter entirely and I only work on it in fits and starts because I can!
  • I do sort of set myself deadlines and it does help.

  • megrosemegrose
    Thanks all. I've just got April's Writing Mag with the Competitions Guide, so I'm going to take your advice, TN, and make a list of competitions to enter. I'm also going to try to set myself deadlines for work I want to submit and see how that goes.
  • LizyLizy
    My deadline is that in two weeks I shall be 74, and if I don't get a move on I won't get written all those books I want to write. So it's 'Get a move on, Liz - you're not immortal!"