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  • Bought a new pair size 37 for £69.00 today but they're too small! Any offers?
  • Ouch! Can't you return them?
  • Hi Storytime,
    thanks for your comment. I've placed an ad in the local coop. Thinking of posting on ebay. Technicalities!
  • dora
    Local coop?

    Where's Henny Penny and Chicken Licken when you need 'em?
  • My slippers wouldn't fit either of them.
  • Sweet zombie Jebus...£69 for slippers!!
  • Ha ha - you've expressed what I just thought so eloquently, BR!
  • That answers my question as to what Nordikas are. £69?!!! You must be making a fortune from your writing!
  • Sorry to disappoint all you who were saving money with which to purchase my slippers. Shop assistant has agreed to a refund providing the slippers are in working order.
  • A refund, or are you going to get a bigger size?
  • LizLiz
    Phew! Taking stuff back is so much easier nowadays! There's no ned to sell on eBay...
  • Thanks all for your comments. Best wishes from happy receiver of refund.