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Maddening Intrusions!
  • Why does an 'I' with short horizontal line at top and bottom keep landing like a fly and obscuring my text when I'm typing a document?
  • heatherheather
    It's the cursor. Move it out of the way with your mouse.
  • Thanks Heather but why has 'the cursor' suddenly begun interfering? There must be a way in which I can eliminate it? For years I typed without such an annoying distraction. Isn't the 'I' without top and bottom that flashes on and off all the time enough? Do I need two cursors?
  • The flashy line shows where text will go if you type. The other one shows where that will move to if you click your mouse (and it is within your text). You need it when editing.

    If you are typing and not using the mouse you can just swipe the mouse right past the edge of the document and the capital I will turn into an arrow and stay where it is while you type.

    Don't know why it has changed - mine has always done that.
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