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Vampires of Hungary: The Holy Roman Empire- The Kickstarter
  • Hi All, I'm not sure which category this should go in so if I've posted it in the wrong one my apologies.

    I've recently launched the Kickstarter for my first comic project- Vampires of Hungary: The Holy Roman Empire. It's set in 1416 and follows a group of knights and a priest from the Vatican who are investigating claims that the Hungarian Cabinet and Queen Barbara De Cilli are vampires. If you like horror, comedy, history or vampires check it out at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/199110164/1019853824?ref=469512&token=3381f80b
  • I'm not into comics or vampires, but wish you good luck with your project, David.
  • Love vampires but not comics, all the best with it