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2018 Short Film Screenwriters Fund FINAL Deadline 2nd MAY
  • Don't miss this opportunity to become a produced screenwriter, submissions close this Tuesday 2nd May.

    ENTER YOUR SCRIPT HERE: https://www.shorescripts.com/shortfilmfund/

    Shore Scripts will commission at least one short film from this year's winning scripts and, in addition to the funds, will support the production with expertise, staffing, guidance, free equipment, marketing, festival applications and more!

    The produced Short Film(s) will be sent to 36 OSCAR, BAFTA, EMMY & GOLDEN GLOBE winning Judges, putting your film in front of the best people in the industry.
    Between $9-15K Production Budget to make your Short Film.
    The produced Short Film(s) will be sent to our complete roster of 80 production companies, agents, and managers.
    You will be able to view your script score, so you can see how professional readers have assessed your script.
    This year, our 2016 Short Film Fund winner is premiered her film at the Tribeca Film Festival. Our 2017 winner had their industry screening at Working Title. And our other 2017 winner started shooting in LA this month. We have also helped 40+ writers gain representation, option, sell, and even have their screenplays produced.
    We’ve partnered with Coverfly to handle all submissions. As well as our judges and roster, you have the choice to make your script available to hundreds more industry professionals on their platform for no additional fee. This is entirely optional – you can be as private or public as you like.

    Get entry discounts on combined category entries and on submission & coverage packages.

    For all the details go to: https://www.shorescripts.com/shortfilmfund/
  • CarolCarol
    If you're going to come here just to advertise you won't get much response.

    Members of the forum contribute, not just advertise.
  • Thanks Carol. What do you think is the most difficult aspect of screenwriting?
  • What's the difference between screenwriting and playwriting?
  • ClaudiaClaudia
    Come on, Shore Scripts, try engaging with us and some of us might actually click on your link. As it stands, I will never do so if you only ever log in to Talkback to advertise your website.
  • I agree, Claudia.

    What Shore Scripts is doing is the equivalent of running up to a bunch of strangers, interupting their conversation to advertise something and running away again. It's annoying.