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Adult fairy tale comp - closing date?

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Does anyone know the closing date for the adult fairy tale competition, and which mag it was in? I started writing one and I've misplaced the original mag. I looked on this site at the list of comps, but because it still thinks it's 2008, the competitions only went up to December last year.

Oh look, the banner says 2009 now.


  • It was in May Writing Mag, closing date 15 June, sendd to Fiona Berry, Competitions Departments (Adult Fairy) at the usual address.
  • I really want to take part in this. I think I'll need to do a bit of brain storming. Interesting concept though.
  • Great Heather, thanks. I have done a draft but it needs fiddling with so luckily I've got plenty of time.
  • As a newcomer it will be my first attempt at entering anything, so I'm not expecting much. But could anyone tell me if there are any opportunities for feed back afterwards?
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    Nothing to do with the fairy tale, Paul, but the judge(s) might give you feedback on your One Word Challenge entry - but we've never specified it's obligatory. I, for one, hate giving reasons why I liked/disliked something; although I freely admit that I'm grateful if someone shows me how to improve on what I've written.
  • I don't think there are, Paul - unless you win, of course, ironically proving that you don't need feedback!
  • Although you won't get feedback on your entry, Paul, unless, as Lou says, you win or are the runner up, the judging reports from previous winners can give you a guideline as to what the judges found of merit and thus help you to write your own story.

    If you haven't got back copies of the mags for the winning entries, the runners up over many months are on the WN website, along with judging comments, so you may find it useful to have a read through those.
  • I was going to enter but when I came to do it I just did not find I was interested in the topic. It's different from my usual writing, which is fine but I just could not think of ANYTHING interesting for it otherwise I would give it a go. Best of luck to everyone else :-D
  • Thanks for the info folks I will seach out those judges comments with great interest.

    Also I'm very much like you jay I''m interested in improving, but hate commentating on someone elses work be it writing or painting.
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