Who's in July 09's magazines due out 4th June?

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Who's in June 2009’s magazines? The magazines are due out on Thursday 4th June so DON'T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.


  • Oh for crying out loud. I must read these last 3 over this week, it's becoming a joke.
  • June already? But I still haven't decided if I am going to subscribe or not....
  • So soon...
  • Wow where did the month of may go
  • Over there, right there. Look it's winking at you.

  • My copy has just popped through the letterbox.
  • mail was bad today, I had a load of renewals in for my magazine, which was nice, but no office mail and no WN/WM either.
  • I sent an e-mail a couple of months ago to the Writers' rights colum in WM re the terms some competitions impose on entrants, and asked about the status for those that don't win. The explanation in this issue is very interesting.
  • Waiting to see if WHSmiths are going to continue their trick of alternating between WM and WF. I'll kick off this time, I swear!

    *Don't know why, every month I swear I'll stop buying it!
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    Well as WF is going to the third week of the month publication at the moment, it will mrean Smiths lose potential sales if they don't stock both.
    That is always a good point to mention- why are they missing an opportunity to sell something the customer wants? And if the customer can't get what they want in their store, customer goes elsewhere and makes other purchases too.
    I thought there was a recession on- all sales count.
  • Is it in the shops today? Or just through the letterboxes of subscribers?
  • Mine came by post, but sometimes it will be in the shops on the Thursday, but otherwise it should be available tomorrow.
  • Nothing for me today, though usually on time. Maybe tomorrow.

    I'll be interested to read the article re comp entrants status - I refuse to enter competitions which ask for copyright of all entrants. Is bad enough if it's winners! Hopefully this will clarify.
  • You should find the clarification useful.
    I agree with you Heather, I won't enter in those situations either.
    While companies think they can get away with it, they will.
  • Mine's here, but I haven't allowed myself so much as a sneaky peak at the contents - got to finish my 1500 word daily target on my novel first. Must stop hanging around the TB site and go and do some blooming work. Blooming? Don't even get me started on the state of the garden . . .
  • I'll get it Saturday. To go onto the pile I have. MUST read them in bed next week.
  • I've got mine...not read it though. Words kept jumping around. I hate migraines.
  • Tesco's have an exclusive packet with a copy of writers News in too. Useful to me as I've never read WN.

    OMG! Wow. Definatly getting it Saturday.
  • I'm going to write in about the filler on David Starkey. History has NOT been feminised, it has been re-assessed! Shame on WM for validating these ignorant views!
  • I was chuffed when I saw it had WN in. Didn't notice till I got home, just assumed it was added 'bumff'. Got a stack of other magazines too. They are my weakness, well one of them.
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    Sweet. Must remember to get it when I go Saturday to our weekly excapades in Pitsea...
  • My magazine was waiting on me when i got home.
  • I saw a familiar letter (not mine).
  • I got mine today, noticed I didn't come anywhere in the 'mimic' comp so am going to sub it out to a womag - nothing wasted is what I say.
  • Good luck Niddy.
  • Mine came today. Only had time for a quick scan so far.

    Good luck Niddy!
  • my mag has never come late amazingly!! i also found the little thing on the feminising of history very interesting! maybe its just that there are more females writing historical novels than there are guys?
  • For once mine is late. Like Probie I've a bit of catching up to do. Good luck Niddy.
  • What has happened (and I'm refering to historians rather than novelists) was that history was re-evaluated through a feminist 'lens'. These great men didn't live in a patriarchial vacuum. Henry in particular was influenced by many strong female characters who deserve to take their place alongside their husband. I find it even more hysterical that he sees Reformation as a consequence. Wrong, Reformation was already sweeping through Europe and it was a TRIGGER of constitutional change in England.
  • Susie, I think mine back up to April...That's a LOT of reading to do that only seems to get done when I'm suposed to be sleeping...
  • [quote=Stirling]I'm going to write in about the filler on David Starkey. History has NOT been feminised, it has been re-assessed! Shame on WM for validating these ignorant views! [/quote]

    Er. WM reported Mr Starkey's views, it didn't validate them. Indeed it also reported Kate Williams' take on the matter.

    Much though I dislike Mr Starkey, I feel that complaining to the magazine about reporting him is actually asking for censorship - you are asking WM not to print views that you disagree with. If you want to attack something, then attack Mr Starkey, NOT the messenger.
  • If you miss Ken Russell's words of wisdom on page 6 of Writers' News, you can catch them on page 14.

    And, if you're not sure how to spell Ms Meyer's first name, neither is Writers' News. Page 14 gives two versions.
  • Still nothing...
  • So we're paying for misprints and repeats?
  • it has just occurred to me I might not get this current issue as I had to resend my direct debit mandate for the new bank account I have. The smallest boxes imaginable in which to 'write clearly,' they must be joking! I sent a separate letter with the information, there was no way it could be fitted into those boxes.
  • Has anyone on here yet owned up to the letter remarking on the Earn While you Learn article in the June issue-re writing essays for money?
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    My problem Richt is that it was bad journalism. They only gave half of the arguement put forward by Starkey; and didn't really develop the counter arguement furter than the retort 'he's sexist.'

    No historical debate; no discussion about the difference between feminising and feminist.

    Really seeing how popular historical fiction/ non fiction has become; should they maybe employ someone in this field? (I nominate Dorothy!)
  • Would she have the time...;)
  • thank you for the nomination, I'd find the time ... somehow!
  • It's giving me an idea for an essay: the historical novel: feminising or feminist?
  • Go for it Stirling. :)
  • I think I will. New Writer runs their comp with a category for essays. So that gives me five months for research.

    First though is WM!
  • A few days now, and not one talkback member seems to have spotted themselves in the magazines this month. Where are we all???
  • Well my e-mail query doesn't get a name mention, but they never do in that column.
    I know that one TB has a letter in WM, but they may not have seen it yet.
  • I wish I'd written in to complain about the essay writing malarky. I never got round to it, but I thought it was outrageous!
  • Writers' News page 17 - letter re cost cutting. May help readers, but I'm not sure it helps writers!
  • So, let me get this straight, this months WM in the shops has a copy of WN inside? That right?
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