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Competition Calendar and Email submissions

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Hi there, I'm an ex pat living in Italy and receive my magazine subscription a little later than when I lived in the UK. This causes problems with preparing stories for the writing competitions. Last year both magazine had an annual calendar of all the monthly themes and deadlines, but this has not been updated. Any chance of this being reinstated to help a (disorganised) willing writer?
Also wondered if the magazines were going to consider email submissions as this reduces the time even more (the postal system in Italy and the UK I believe do not help!).


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    Ciao, Jo (another one? If you're confused, don't worry.) Come stai?

    Welcome to Talkback.

    The others can probably answer your questions.
  • Hiya Jo, welcome to TB, sorry I can't help you with your questions, but I'm sure someone else can.
  • Hi Jo - welcome! :)

    Have you copied this letter to Writing Magazine - think it will be the staff that can address this one rather than we readers.

    I agree with both points - the competitions guide only gives the month the competition is due to appear in the magazine but not submission dates. Email entries would be much simpler (and cheaper!) for most writers (but not necessarily for the judges! :( )
  • good to have you with us. I don't 'do' competitions so I can't help on that either.
  • try e-mailing the question to the contact in the competitions department.
    fionabAT(insert relevent symbol)warnersgroup.co.uk
    Another Talkbacker mentioned this issue the other day.

    Would be good if they could run another story each quarter, or every four months just for overseas members with a longer closing date to allow for postage times.
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