Who's in August 09's magazines due out 2nd July?

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Who's in August 2009’s magazines? The magazines are due out on Thursday 2nd July so DON'T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.


  • Now the ending of the story is ...
  • ..after all the words of the story have been written.
  • The magazines are due out today.
  • nothing here yet
  • i have mine
  • Nothing for me - it was two days late last month too.
  • Got mine. Will be looking out for TB names...
  • Another short-listing - Writers' News Marriage Guidance story. :-)
    Could be the last for a while, though, as I haven't been writing much recently.
  • Well done! My magazines didn't arrive today.
  • well done Richt!
  • Congratulations Richt!
  • Well done Richt.
    Mine hasn't arrived yet, but Neph and I saw it in our main WH Smith's branch this lunchtime.
  • Well done Richt.

    I'll get mine in Tesco when I go Saturday.
  • Mine hasn't showed up though the postman has been.

    I am not amused. Paying by direct debit is seriously losing appeal.
  • We were meant to get it before it appeared in the shops, but now it is often in the shop before it reaches subscribers.
  • That's what I mean Carol.

    I will be well annoyed if I pop down to Tesco and see all the cashiers reading it, the shelfstackers ooooing an aahing over an article in it, because their shop has stocked it before it comes through my letterbox.

    Well Annoyed WM/WN do you hear?
  • you tell em, Dora

    well done Richt
  • Dora - Maybe you should send an email to the editor.
  • Well done Richt.

    Are there any poetry results in this month?
  • Well done, Richt!
  • Mine actually arrived this morning which surprised me when I heard others had not received theirs as my copies often get delayed. Well done to Richt. I thought I recognised the name. Hope some other TBers find their efforts included also.
  • yes Heather in WN there are the results of the last line comp 'and now was the time to move on'
    and in WM the results of the humorous poetry comp.
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    Thanks Kateyanne
  • Well done, Richt!
  • I was in Glasgow today and neither WHSmith or Borders had it in.
  • good one, Richt!
  • Mine arrived this morning! Enjoyed the short stories in both. Well done Richt!
  • Well done Richt, mine arrived this morning too.
  • haven't received mine yet
  • Usually get mine on the day or sometimes before, but this month - - - - - - ZILCH!
  • I had to set up my direct debit again, missed July's edition and so far, no August either. Maybe they didn't care for my comments about their appallingly difficult and small bank mandate form.
  • This is the first month I haven't got it in time.
  • Mine has arrived today. But I've got to go out so won't have time to read it until later.
  • Put the flags out. it called from the hallway

    "I have arrived" (my magazine speaks to me you know, does yours?)
  • I've spotted Helena in WM (sorry, can't remember your TB name, Helena, but I recognised the book titles from your postings!), and HPRW on the back of WN.
  • SSSh! You're meant to let them tell us themselves.
  • yay, mine arrived! Gotta read last months first though.
  • Noticed them too Lou.
    Didn't see any other recognisable names other than Richt who we already know about.
    Article re the Essay buying issue.
  • i usually get mine on time but it only arrived today...not too bad...i got other interesting post yesterday so didn't wreck my whole day :D
  • I saw another talkbacker name in the poetry.
  • Well done to Richt! ;)

    There is an article about self publishing followed by an article about not self publishing - just mentioning it due to febes recent thread about the difference between sp and vanity.
  • I liked the article having a go at the previous article about writing essays for cash. I thought that was pretty shameful.
  • Hey, my icon pic has disappeared! Where's my cat?
  • Gone mousing?
  • Mine arrived this morning but I've not yet opened the wrapping.
  • I haven't found them in my (big) local Tescos or Waitrose. I won't be able to get into town to W H Smiths until next Wednesday evening - must subscribe.
  • I've had a flick through mine this afternoon after getting it yesterday.

    I'm taking all of my magazines I haven't read with me to Sports Day Tuesday.
  • Still haven't got my copy. Only just read this and realised I haven't received it. Roll on Monday....I have nothing planned so might be able to indulge myself once the postman gets here...with the magazine not the postman. :)
  • not a dishy postman, then, Gina?
  • No. Our usual one is off having a hip replacement (he's lovely in a friendly helpful way but not dishy) and the stand ins are either ugly or way too young for me. lol. Anyway I'm a happily married woman so I've given up noticing attractive men.
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