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Concerns raised over new children's book

edited July 2009 in - Reading

Wonder whether this should even be a children's book considering what is alleged to be in it?


  • I don't think it should go in the children's or even teenager's section to be honest. If it just had the miscarriage in, then maybe suitable for teens, but gang rape?

    I don't buy into the age thingy. I know books are put on shelves that are for age ranges, but the cover shouldn't. At the end of the day, I am hoping that parents out there are as sensible as me, and are censoring their children where necessary. But one day a child will pick up an adult book. I read Stephen King in my teens :)
  • I don't like the age banding thing either.
    Two of the books that my son read (shadowing the Carnegie Medal scheme) had bad language and touched on sensitive topics- I had to sign a form to say it was all right for him to have the books to read.
    But gang rape is a different thing entirely- there will be perverted teens out there who would go and do something like that- they don't need encouraging.
    I'm fairly open minded, but that just isn't suitable.
  • Wouldn't it be better if the warning was on the outside of the jacket?

    Sounds to me as though the author and/or publisher might be trying to stretch the boundaries of what's considered suitable for children to read.
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