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Trailers, podcasts and video clips for Talkbackers' books

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Trailers, podcasts and video clips

This thread is for Talkbackers to post links to trailers/video clips and podcasts for their books.

If any are unsuitable for those of a nervous disposition, please indicate.

Books by Jay Mandal:

The Dandelion Clock

A Different Kind of Love

All About Sex

You will also find the trailers on YouTube (put title and author into search).


  • Books by Paul Ekert:

    Ordinary Monsters
  • I'm bringing this to the top with a question or two - who else has done YouTube trailers. There's the recent Pets in a Pickle one but who else? If you have done them, Jay, Malcolm, RandomGuy etc - do you regard them as successful and by what criteria are you judging it? What was your budget? Has it given a return on the investment?

    I know Rosalie is looking at it and I have just been rereading the article from July's Writing Magazine with a view to putting one together, but is it like a lot of the things we do on the web and not really worth the time /money?
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    then click on the book title(s) or cover(s).

    All three were done by the publisher (they obtained the pictures and music). I didn't have to pay anything, and I don't think they had to. I know that the music was given free provided we said who'd written it. Successful? I like them! Some sites show how many people have viewed them; and there may be comments. They were done some time ago, and I expect technology's moved on since then.
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