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Romance Fiction: Lack of Respect? (Article)

edited July 2009 in - Reading


  • It is very true that romance writing does get looked down upon in some quarters of the publishing world, but it is a very successful and huge market- it has a big choice of sub genres so something for everyone. :)
  • Not my choice of reading, but hey people look down on crime fiction too!

    Watching Jonathan Ross interview Quentin Tarintino last night, and Tarantino said he was a massive fan of Chick Flicks! I would never have guessed . . .
  • Different, obviously wants some light amusing stuff when he isn't working...:)
  • Memory surfacing ... took daughter to the Museum of the Moving Image. When we came out, Tarantino was just arriving, black limo, stunning blonde on his arm, Mafia type men leaping to open and close doors, the whole bit. All the way home from London to the island she kept saying "I saw Quentin Tarantino, can't wait to tell someone!" We got off the ferry and walked straight into someone we knew. "I saw Quentin Tarantino!" she said, all excited. "Who?" came the answer, and continued to be the answer to everyone she told, other than her father, when she called him...
  • Thank God for all the genres.
    ALL of them! Something for everyone.
  • What a dull world it would be without romance...:)
  • Thank goodness Jane Austen wasn't deterred...
  • having never read any J Austen... can't comment ... but there are people I wish had never picked up a pen or quill in their lives ...
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