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Why free ebooks should be part of the plot for writers (article)

edited August 2009 in - Reading
But there is a proviso with that...



  • interesting discussion, not sure where I stand on this one.
  • My question is, if you can get it for free why buy it? I buy books because I like to have the hunk of tree and ink in my mitts. But with the new kindle readers and sony's ebook reader thingy I saw in Waterstones, the text doesn't sting your eyes and looks readable so people will just dump the free version you tossed onto the net onto that and never think about coughing up the loot.
  • You can enlarge the size of the text on the sony reader.
  • If authors don't get paid, how will they be able to afford to write and why will they bother to? Why should taxi-drivers and hairdressers receive remuneration, but not writers? Or have I missed something?
  • I'm very much of the same opinion, Jay. I have yet to be convinced that putting your work on the market for free has any advantages for writers.
  • I posted a comment yesterday but it has gone walkies.
    I can see the advantages of posting say the first couple of pages as a teaser to get the reader to go out and buy the book- but I agree I don't see how it would work.
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