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Who's in October 09's magazines due out 3rd September?

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Who's in October 2009’s magazines? The magazines are due out on Thursday 3rd September so DON'T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.


  • is it THAT time all ready?

    Only just had the other one haven't we?
  • It's is only 1st September...........
  • No, it's the 2nd ...
  • Tomorrow- hopefully...
  • Mine hasn't come, I guess they will be late due to the bank hol.
  • WF arrived this morning.
  • Oh yes it is Thursday third isn't it?

    Best go and wait patiently on the doormat. See ya!
  • Didn't get mine today, usually get it on the day. Actually last month got it a day early hmm. Told dad he was a rubbish postman.
  • Didn't get mine either. I got mine the day before last month. It seems to alternate between early and the next month on the day.
  • don't forget there have been intermittent postal strikes, may not be your postman, but the late delivery to your local Sorting Office. I have had a lot of delayed mail because of the strikes.
  • Then I shall not grumble .. as I back the strikes fully.
  • *Groans*

    I haven't read the last 7. I doubt I ever will.

    I'll still get it Saturday if they have it.
  • No sign of mine yet.
  • Mine didn't come :(
  • Got mine. I am mentioned on page 38 and 40 of the 'competition special' book, with my Swanwick entry win!
  • Mine has just arrived.
    Congratulations Kateyanne.
  • Looking forward to getting mine today, and reading about your win Kateyanne.
  • It's arrived!!!!
  • I'm off to have some lunch and read my mags.
  • Ooh, just about to look at mine now, Kateyanne. Well done.
  • KateyAnne's beginning to 'Bodytrapped' is great - go have a read!
    I notice Justine is mentioned as well
    And I see Cornerstones (kidscorner) has two comps: Chapter One (short story) closing in January and another one called Chapter One Novel Competition (kidscorner again) closing end February. So, KateyAnne and all present (not Carol, remembering last post but 20!) who do children's work - worth a whirl?
  • edited September 2009
    Well done, KateyAnne - mine arrived this morning. I will have a read later.
  • Saw another Talkbackermentioned-who has been missing but turned up this week...
    Good WM issue this month.
  • Nice to know seeing as I haven't got mine to read yet!

  • You're not alone, Dora! :(
  • Loved it Kateyanne, congratulations!
    Funny thing is I wouldn't even have known it was you, if you hadn't said.
  • Well done Kateyanne.

    Won't be able to buy mine until I can get into town on Monday. Our town-centre Smith's is the only place that stocks them.
  • Really intriguing opening, Kateyanne. Great idea for a book. Loved it!
  • edited September 2009

    Oh CC see you are in the same boat as me. :(
  • I've got mine today from Tesco. I've opened it, not read it, like the last seven...
  • Mine hasnt come yet its always on time :-( good to see am not the only one though.
  • I got to the end of KateyAnne's piece and wanted to read the rest. :)
  • Mine haven't arrived yet. Not usually this late.
  • have my copy but haven.t had time to read it yet but well done all TB's
  • You'll have to wait til the book is published, Carol, if ever! :)
  • I hope all these missing issues haven't gone astray because of something silly (eg the addresses aren't spelt correctly?) I hope it is just the postiemen being naughty.
  • There was a Bank Holiday in England ...
  • ...and there is an "r" in the month. :0

    Oh yes, and it rained heavily the other day. Maybe all the postiemen stayed at home.

    I don't want excuses, I just want my mag.
  • Well done Kateyanne.
  • Congratulations Kateyanne!
  • It's arrived, today, at last

    Hope everybody else has received their's too.
  • i got mine yesturday.
  • Hooray mine arrived this morning! Haven't been able to look at them yet as I've had a lot to do today. Will look at them this evening.
  • Mine arrived.
  • Glad they arrived at last.
  • Congratulations Kateyanne. Really enjoyed your piece. Like Carol, I want to read the rest. Please don't keep us hanging on to see what happens. :P
  • Still not done anything about sorting my subscription again. Any chance there was a letter regarding icons used in Writers' News? I wrote suggesting they use a different icon without a currency symbol when featuring publications that do not pay for submissions and suggested a few other variations. I find it irritating to get to the end of a description for a new market only to discover the statement, "We don't pay for submissions, but..." I do write for no payment when I choose but would not describe these as "markets."

    This is the second time recently I have made suggestions for the magazine that I intended for publication to allow other readers to comment. Each time I have received a personal reply from the editor instead. The first time I was suggesting there should be some features on taking photographs to illustrate articles. I obviously don't have Jay's turn of phrase!
  • They did publish something as a "letter" when I was asking them if they'd like me to write an article on the subject! I suppose the answer is you have to write LETTER or whatever in capital letters at the top, and hope for the best.
  • Agreed, Jay, but apparently "Contribution for Letters' Page" is not clear enough!
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