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how long did it take to get your course delivered?

edited September 2009 in - WM and WN
Okay so i ordered in on Sunday, yes I'm impatient 28 days is a long time to wait
How long did your take to come?
And what happens next?
I read that you get matched to a tutor but they didnt ask me any questions so I don't really know
By the way its the short story course i'm doing

And there might be another postal strike

Yeah patience is a vertue in short supply in my case


  • Hope your course doesn't take too long to arrive, Jen - and that the postal strikes don't hold things up too much.
  • Maybe they're sent by courier, so it's not an issue?
  • I would be surprised if it went by courier, they're expensive.
    Jen, they would give you a good short story tutor. Not so much matching, as giving you the best person for that course. I was a creative writing tutor, I just got students sent to me because I was the one doing the article/short story course work at the time.
    Give the people time to organise it!
  • I only suggested a courier because that's how WB despatch theirs.
  • did i say that it was a course from this site? cos it is
  • I think WM send theirs 2nd class post, so you will need to be patient.

    I've never seen their material, but they may print it on demand too.
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