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WN Short story course, are you doing it?

edited September 2009 in - WM and WN
i have enrolled and am going to send them my profile soon
my parents computer doesnt have word and my laptop doesnt have the internet so im gonig to have to wait to sort that out
hope word 2003 works on vista or ill have to post everything

i spent the whole day trying to write my first assignemtn yesterday and today i wrote my frist draft on one sitting how brilliant it that
and it was a normal story not a vampire story not a weird story
thats unusaul for me i hope its not a one off
not only did i write it but i want over the word count by about a hundred words, im so happy i actually finished a story


  • Well done Jenwales. I know all too well what it is like to start writing with a brill idea and then it gets nudge out t'way by another!

    Good luck with your course. I did the short story course (years ago in another life).
  • Well done, now set it aside for a week and come back for the editing then. :)
  • Thanks, i will do that. I jsut edited to much and I havn't got enough on the word count. I'll leave it until next week then,
    I've sent my profile by email so thats done
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