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Who's in November 09's magazines due out 1st October?

edited September 2009 in - WM and WN
Who's in November 2009’s magazines? The magazines are due out on Thursday 1st October so DON'T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.


  • (WF is also out on the same date this month- so if you buy them both in the shop wait until Friday and save yourself a second trip.)
  • Mine have just come.
  • Yep, mine, too. There's a piece in Members' News about my books. :)
  • I saw that well done.
  • I have another letter in WF - based on something I posted on here.

    Spotted Jay!
  • edited September 2009
    No post at all yet today. None yesterday either.
    Either no-one loves me or the strikes are having an effect - I've lost track of where and when they are!
  • Dad just brought mine in with him *opens it to start reading*
  • Postie just delivered mine. Now, do I rip off that plastic cover and read them or do I stick to what I had planned to do this afternoon i.e. brainstorming for a couple of short story competitions and writing first draft of last line comp. It's like Open the Box! or Take the Money! (for those of us old enough to remember)...
  • Well done Jay and BB. It's time we had some tb members in the competition shortlistings - my adult fairy story didn't make it.
  • But it isn't the first until tomorrow.

    I bet mine doesn't even come then like last month's had to wait almost a week overdue.
  • But we do Viv - though I'll let her find it herself!
  • Well done, Jay - will look out for it.
  • Mine received today too.
    Saw your piece Jay, well done.
    and saw two other TB's mentioned in WN- well done both of you.
  • Have just read the bit about you, Jay. Well done on your 300th story. That's a lot of stories!
  • Oooh, so I missed a tb name in the shortlistings? Off to have another look.
  • Everybody has got theirs! Mine had better show up tomorrow. :(
  • I think someone else was missing theirs too, Dora.
  • Where is mine???? :(
  • Ah just seen Dora hasn't got hers either. Maybe tomorrow :D I will buy WF tomorrow along with all my Womags (Market research purposes of course ;) )
  • I am so excited, I was shortlisted in both the cycling short story and the adult fairy story. I've never managed two in one month before.

    Well done to Jay too, I saw your piece. Well done BB - I don't get WF so I didn't see that.
  • Saw you were shortlisted in the cycling story Mutley, but hadn't seen the other one. Congratulations.
  • Just read Jay's piece (excellent!), off to look for Mutley now.
  • I noticed you were in both of the story shortliistings, Mutley. Very well done - a great achievement.

    Haven't read the rest of the mags yet, but well done to all who are mentioned - I''ll look forward to reading your bits (so to speak).
  • Well done Jay, Mutley and BB. Can't wait to read them.

    My WHSmiths didn't have them today so I'll need to wait until Saturday when I am next in town (trying to buy the child's birthday present from the shop that had closed half-an-hour early today when I went in specially - ggggrrrr.)
  • Mutley, that's a real achievement. Forgive me for not immediately recognising your name in the lists, but it didn't say Mutley! Easy to forget we all have real names!
  • Well done Mutley
  • Mutley I too saw you had been shortlisted in both well done!
  • Congratulations, Mutley.
  • edited October 2009
    Also congratulations to Jay and BB. (Just reading through my copies now :-) )
  • JAY, I am soooo sorry. I congratulated Mutley and completely forgot to congratualte you. A big WELL DONE from me!
  • Must be nice to know just what it is you are all talking about.

    I STILL don't have my copy.
  • You're not alone dora, I haven't got mine either - AGAIN!
  • Congrats to Jay, Baggy and Mutley!
  • Well done Jay, Baggy, and Mutley!

    Thought the Adult Fairy Story was good.
    Enjoyed the cyclist story until the last third - which seemed to be tacked on to me.
  • I'd already spotted Jay's - well done Baggy and Mutley too. There's the star letter from Katie (morbidmaiden) too.
  • Still not had mine. :(
  • I saw Jay's without prompting, but missed BB's and Mutley's -well done you guys and gals and I'll go proper-looking later!
  • It doesn't say 'Mutley'!
    It was like a little puzzle, check through both and see who got shortlisted twice!
    Well done Rosemary-Mutley!
  • Found Baggy - enterprising, cheeky - and productive! Well done too.
    Jay, You must get sick of hearing this: well done!
  • What did you put in BB? Would be nice to know what it is you are all so joyful about.

    Only I don't have a copy, despite my payment already having gone to WM/N.
  • Haaa haa! It has arrived.

    I'm off for a soak in the bath, with those of you who have something printed here. :)

    (Watch out for the soap on a rope.) :)
  • are you still in bath, Dora?
  • I have read yours Baggy, looks very much like an article on Triond ;)

    Jay, sorry haven't seen yours yet but still looking through it. Getting excited about a few things they have mentioned, namely the £10,000 award on the front page of WN, and with Baggy's advice, think I know what story I will submit :D
  • Yes, I reworked part of it to make it different enough for Triond to accept it.
  • :) NO Niddy, I've been out with one of my sons today. :)
  • edited October 2009
    Well done Jay, Mutley and BB!

    Mine arrived early on Wednesday. Of course I didn't have time to read them then!
  • Well done Jay, Mutley and BB!
  • Where is our reminder for next month Jay? Have I missed it?
  • Wonder what will happen with the post strike going on...
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