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Legal threat to non-fiction titles

edited October 2009 in - Reading


  • Sorry but I don't understand the problem. If they were libellous before, surely they are now? As you can see, I am confused a little.
  • They may not actually be libelous Febes.
    Smaller companies cannot afford to fight 'dubious' cases- which in court they might have won- as the financial risk of losing is horrendous.
    You could have something in a book that was fair comment/or could be proved in a court of law, but why take the risk of someone taking it to court for money=don't publish in the first place.
  • Ah I see the problem now. So it is not about potential genuinely libellous work, but about proving that it isn't libellous. Which costs money. Which they haven't got. And too many greedy people/lawyers out there. It sucks!

    Thankfully, I am not a non-fiction writer. But not good for those who are. Wouldn't surprise me if it spilled into fiction though.
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