Where is the WN 'Winter' poetry comp?

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There should be a poetry comp in this month's WN theme 'Winter'. Where is it? I started a poem for this.


  • Not a clue. However, I have found they do this. Highlight a comp in their competitions mgazine and then when the month comes round it's not there, or it's a different story/poem. Finish it off and send it elsewhere
  • kateyanne - Park Publications - Countryside Tales magazine - are running a poetry competition, up to 40 lines, theme -The Countryside in Winter, closing date 1st November 09, £3.00 entry fee, prizes £50/£25/£15 -
  • Thanks Doodleysquit!
  • Good luck.
  • Thanks for flagging that up Kateyanne, and apologies to have confused you. The winter poetry comp should appear in the December issue - Jonathan
  • Thanks Webbo!
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