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Who's in December 09's magazines due out 5th November?

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Who's in December 2009’s magazines? The magazines are due out on Thursday 5th November so DON'T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.

Note: November’s Writing Magazine says they are due out on Friday 5th November, but the 5th is a Thursday which is the usual publication day.


  • And with the postal strike we may be waiting extra days to receive them.
  • that's a downside, Carol hadn't thought of that!
  • they might send them of early to miss the strike?
  • Mine have arrived and I am mentioned on page 26 of WM as I was shortlisted in the Robert Burn's poetry comp. Alison also refers to my poem in paragraph two on that page- the one about the alien!
  • Well done kateyanne fingers crossed that mine arrives the today
  • Well done with the poem, Kateyanne!
    My magazines turned up today too - I'm in Members' News on page MN4, the bit about my asperger and autism books.
  • Well done Daisy.
  • Congratulations Daisy and Kateyanne.
    Mine hasn't arrived today.
  • Congrats.

    Mine has and WF too.
  • well done Kateyanne and Daisy; hope your postie delivers your mags today Elizabeth. I've just received mine (hurray!) but also a rejection from Womans Weekly (boo hoo). It's back to the old drawing board for me then.
  • I won't bother looking out for mine, seeing as I have received them two weeks behind everybody else for the last two weeks. If my mags come on time, or before time, I will come back to Talkback and sing you all a song of happiness. :)
  • I'm in it at last. I sent in the full stop they used at the end of the piece on page 11. They have edited my full stop a bit and it's in a smaller font size than I sent in, but I think it still retains my original theme so I'm happy.
  • got mine woohoo
  • Well done ST, December's issue is clearly the month for TB's.
  • Mine arrived at lunchtime! Not had a chance to even scan them yet.
  • ST I'm confused.
  • ST :)

    Well done Kateyanne and Daisy - I'll look out for you when mine arrive (whenever that may be!)
  • :) Fame at last ST? :)

    I'll keep an eye out for it when I read the mag.
  • Congrats to everyone in it!
  • well done everyone, have got my copy will try and have a read after finishing nano.
  • Just think ST, if you get two of those accepted and published, you will have a complete colon. (no, I don't mean the anatomical kind!)
  • One more and we'd all be left in in susp...
  • Just got mine today *is opening it now*
  • Well done Daisy and Kateyanne.
  • Thanks Mutley and to the others on here who have said well done.
  • Mine was not in today's post. :(
    But I do have WF in the meantime. :)
  • yay! it arrived!
  • "fanfare"

    Mine's arrived.

    Hope you's comes soon Carol.
  • Congratulations Kateyanne and Daisy.
  • Hope mine turn up tomorrow or I may be joining Dora...
  • :( :( :( no magazines....
  • My copy has finally arrived.
    So I'm going to settle down and have a long read.
  • Just received them today in Bangkok too!
  • Stuart Palmer's annual writing horrors was fun as usual, though he seemed to have less entries this year.
    And Webbo's Writers' Websites has a few entries I'm going to look into.
  • edited November 2009
    Has anyone noticed the gaffe in the interview Judith Spelman has in WM p50-51?
    Right at the end where Catherine Cookson is mentioned- I think that would be extremely difficult in her case...
    I know what he meant, he was thinking of suitable examples.
  • [quote=Carol]My copy has finally arrived.
    So I'm going to settle down and have a long read. [/quote]

    Phew, now I don't have to share mine with you Carol. What a relief.

    Must admit, usually thumb mine while on toilet. :)
  • Well it does go into the loo with me sometimes so I don't have to stop reading...;)
  • Just read your piece in Members' News, Daisy. Well done!
  • And congratulations, Kateyanne, on being shortlisted.
  • Thanks Jay!
  • Have to say that the quality of WM content is improving- it is taking me longer to read than this time last year, as there is more in it that I'm finding interesting.
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