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non-fic book article in WM Dec 09

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As soon as I saw this article I jumped at it. Writing a non-fic book is difficult and I admit I wasn't sure how the publishing end worked. Although I'm now more informed about approaching a publisher I find until ALL the grueling research is done I can't even begin to put my book together, forget about writng a sample chapter to send off! Am I doing somwething wrong?


  • Perhaps some subjects are harder than others.
  • *Sighs* I fear you may be right, I'm such an idiot for chosing the modern vamp subculture!
  • I thought the non-fiction writing article was helpful.
  • It was, I just don't understand how you can focus on one chapter to send to a publisher. All of my research resources come into most chapters of my book therefore I'm making notes and arranging them into some kind of order. Can't wait for research to be over and I actually get to start writing! Not for a while yet.
  • The research is important but there must come a time when you start writing and then you will probably realise that there is more research to do!
  • Just like fiction sometimes.
  • When do you know to start writing?
  • Do you have any idea of what you want to start with?
  • I know what each chapter is, I've broken them down into sub sections and I've started putting notes from research in the relevant place. The research sources cover most sections though so it's not like I can focus on one particular part. But I really want to get a chapter done to start seeking a publisher...
  • So now is the time to start writing.
  • This is what my non-fiction publisher expected me to send when I approached them about my book idea: a 'proposal' sheet (details of what other books like it exist, why and how this one will be unique or different (!), who it is aimed at etc), a brief chapter by chapter outline (basically, what would be in each chapter), the Introduction and the first chapter. They expected me to be still doing the research and that because of that, the Introduction and first chapter would probably eventually be different in parts. They commissioned the book on that basis.
    The most difficult thing for me was the worry that I might have got something wrong - so getting professionals and 'experts' to read and check was important. Once I got into it though I enjoyed the non-fiction writing. I also met some wonderful and interesting people in the course of doing all the research.
    Good luck with your book H.
  • Daisy, I think you just brightened a dismal day here! Now I know it doesn't have to be perfect at this stage I'm much more confident about writing.

    Thank you to everyone's advice, I'm off to write a book! :D
  • Well done Daisy.
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