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Who's in March 10's magazines due out 4th February?

edited February 2010 in - WM and WN
Who's in March 2010’s magazines? The magazines are due out on 4th February so DON'T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.


  • Bwah! I haven't even opened February's yet! *has had a busy month*
  • I'm not quite keeping up with them myself, Jediya x
  • Where did January go? It can't be February already.
  • Mine have arrived and I can see a couple of familiar names.
  • Yes, me too.
    Congratulations to the WM/WN team (or whichever bit of the system does the distribution) for getting the subscriber copies out before shop copies.
  • My letter is the star letter in this month's Writers' News. I hope it provides food for thought.

    I've signed it with my full name (Jacquelynn Luben).
  • And me - just arrived. And a pleasant surprise: another short-listing (Writing Magazine Short Story Comp).
  • Well done both of you.

    A couple more names I recognised as well.
  • Congratulations Jackie on a thought provoking letter and Richt on your shortlisting.
  • I'm short listed in the Call centre short story in Writers' News.

    Well done to Jackie and richt.
  • Yours was the first name I recognised Mutley, congratulations.
  • Thanks very much, Carol, Heather and Mutley and well done on the shortlisting. Also richt.

    I haven't written a new story for about a year, but I'm trying to sort one out now.
  • More successes to celebrate. Well done all.
  • Congrats all. Nice to see tb so well represented.
  • on mat when I arrived home from work today, will have a look later.

    well done to all those in the mag this month
  • Hi all,

    Got mine today, which was a nice surprise. Nice to see so many familiar names

    pp x
  • Was it really Nidds, on the mat? Not on the wall? How strange. :)

    Received mine today too. Somebody has got their act together now methinks, as mine had been late twice in a row.

    Well done to all those in the mag, I have yet to read it.
  • cheeky monkey, Dora, it was on the carpet to be accurate but I was drinking a cuppa and trying to write at the same time, sometimes I wonder how us women manage to multi task:)
  • Well done Mutley (i recognised your real name!!) and Jackie and Richard!
  • Well done to Mutley, Jackie and Richt!
  • Well done, you three and anyone else who's in it!
  • Has everyone got their copy yet?
  • A nice piece about my writing classes on page three.
  • Congratulations writebag.
  • I'll have to buy it asap. It all sounds exciting. Still got January's to finish and February' to start.
  • Congratulations, everyone! Nice to see TBers are taking over the mags again this month!
  • Mine hasn't arrived yet which is my escapism plan for the day ruined... will wait patiently by thr door for the post!

    Congratulations to everyone who's got in there, TBers rule.
  • Well done everyone .
  • Members' News page 3.
  • More successes, that is good. Well done all.
  • Well done, writebag and Bangkok Girl - interesting article about your short story writing.
  • Wow. You clever bunch of writers!
  • Sorry to say Although I have been on here for ages I only brought my first ever mag today. God I've been missing so much. The mag is great! Is there anyone I should look out for?
  • Well done everyone included - I'm still working my way through.
  • I'm WF - a letter sent in a couple of months ago is in their ask a question section. Thanks to Mabh for letting me know!
  • The one that comes out tomorrow?
    Well done BB.
  • Thanks.

    Mine arrived in the post today, Carol.
  • It's due in the shops tomorrow, but I never find it in WH Smiths until Friday.
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