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Chickens finally hatched and counted - 'Coping with Chloe' to appear in 2011

edited February 2010 in - Writing Tales
Finally holding the signed contract in my hand - with the great news that my 11+ novel 'Coping with Chloe' is to be published by Phoenix Yard Books in 2011.

At last, I can really celebrate!!! :D

Thanks, folks, for all the encouragement, especially those who have followed this unfolding story on my 'Chickens' thread. You are a great crowd!


    and yes, the capital letters are justified!!!!!!!
  • Hurray.
    Congratulations Rosalie. :)
  • Excellent!!!!
  • Congrats!!! woot! you wanna hand getting off the ceiling?
  • That's marvellous!
    Well done, Rosalie!
  • Congratulations Rosalie!! I can't think of a more wonderful thing than holding a signed contract in your hand!!

    Well done, enjoy the celebrations! You deserve it :)

    I can finally release my tight grip on the mouse now, been on the edge of my seat following the other thread about this :D
  • KJKJ
    edited February 2010
    Well done.
    Celebrate twice; now, with contract in hand, andagain, when you have a copy of the finished book.
  • I think Rosalie can think of something nice than holding the signed contract in her hand, the spending of the cash!! go spoil yourself rotten you deserve it!
  • Wow that is great news! Let me know when I can buy a copy.
  • Congratulations Rosalie! How exciting!! Does it finally seem real now you have the contract in your hand?!
  • No, it hasn't properly sunk in yet...

    But yes, I'm intending to treat myself! Bubbly anyone?
  • Ooh, yes please! Shall I pass 'round the canapes?

    Well done, Rosalie, that's amazing.

    I wonder how long the next year will seem ;)
  • [quote=bored_robots]Congratulations Rosalie!! I can't think of a more wonderful thing than holding a signed contract in your hand!![/quote]
    Except maybe holding the finished book in your hand. Congrats, and I am SO jealous!
  • Canapes, yum. Yes please!

    Yes, I can't wait to see the finished book. Some way to go... now have to get down to some edits.

    If I can do it, Viv, so can you!
  • Congratulations, Rosalie.
  • Hipperty hipperty hooooo raaaaaaaay!
  • Fantasic news, Rosalie. Congratulations!!!!
  • Pleased to know that we can now uncross our collective fingers. Congratulations.
  • Congratulations!! So exciting! I knew you could do it! :D

  • Congratulations and well done.
  • Oh, brilliant Rosalie! Bet you feel wonderful. That's a hard age-group to crack as well.
  • Congratulations Rosalie. It's good to see your hard work paying off.
  • BRILLIANT news and well worth waiting for - enjoy the well-deserved celebrations before getting back to the hard work! :)
  • Congratulations - really good to hear.
  • Excellent news Rosalie - well done!
  • wonderful news Rosalie, well done
  • Congratulations! Well done!
  • Congratulations Rosalie!
  • Oh, Yippee! Bubbles, canapes and a contract in the bag. Well done, Rosalie, keep us informed of progress. We could have a TB bookshop!
  • This is really great news!
  • Well done - that's brill news! I am totally green with envy! Please do keep us up to date with the process and enjoy your celebrations!
  • Fantastic news, Rosalie. Definitely cause for celebration!
  • How did you hear about the publishers, Rosalie? I'm always on the look out for children's publishers who will accept unsolicited manuscripts, so I will be adding them to my list!
  • I think I found them on a website linked to the Wordpool site for children's authors.

    Here it is:


    Or I may have just typed in 'new' and 'childrens' and 'publisher' into Google one day - I wish I could remember for sure! I'm impressed by their speed of response - I submitted my Ch 1-3 and synopsis on Dec 2nd, got a request for the full on Dec 22nd and an invitation to discuss publication contracts on Jan 21st! Final contract received Feb 22nd - so less than 3 months in all. Plus they tried it out on some children and parents during that time!

    They are very nice to deal with and the changes they requested are, in my opinion, spot on, so yes, I'd recommend you and the other children's writers on Talkback to have a go. Wouldn't it be great if several of us here all got published by them?
  • Thanks Rosalie - I'm impressed by the way they have dealt with you. I have prepared a submission and will be taking it to the PO on Friday! Will also check out the rest of the list - think I have notes on most publishers but sometimes you miss one or two and others I have submitted to so many time they must be sick of me!

    Look forward to hearing how 'Coping with Chloe' progresses through the publication process.
  • Thanks, Lou - I'll keep you posted and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
  • Rosalie I am so pleased for you and of course proud to be able to say I know you. Please keep us informed on the process from now and how it goes.
  • Thanks, Mutley. Yes, I'll keep you updated with progress. I got a very good list of questions from my editor today, concerning possible revisions. Think I'm going to enjoy working with her a lot.
  • Great news! Make sure you register for PLR. Not sure if you have to register separately for the Republic of Ireland.
  • That is brilliant Rosalie!
  • Jay, thanks for the reminder about PLR. Yes, I think it is separate for the Republic of Ireland. I don't think I can actually register until the book is published, but I've put a note in my diary. My other books earned me a (very) small PLR payment this year, which was very welcome.

    I'm currently working on some excellent questions/comments on 'Chloe' from my editor, and am meeting up with her next week to discuss revisions. She seems really good and I'm confident that the revisions will improve my book.
  • Fantastic, Rosalie. I don't know how I missed your news first time around.
  • That's just wonderful news, Rosalie. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations Rosalie, well done :-D
  • I've just read 'Coping with Chloe' and absolutely loved it. It can be read on two levels, depending on your mindset and age and experience of life and death. It can be either an unusual 'haunting' story or a study in the psycho-workings of a traumatised and grieving mind - with lots of laughs and a few tears along the way.
    Congratulations, Rosalie
  • Thank you, Ceka - I'm so glad you liked it.
  • Congrats! Let's all have a glass of bubbly!
  • Bubbly's on me!! Publication day tomorrow so I'm all excited :)
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