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Your 'Quick Survey' Sticky

edited February 2010 in - WM and WN
Has your 'quick survey' to see how many active members there are on Talkback outlived its original purpose?
Perhaps it should it be 'unstickied' now? Or would the majority of you prefer to keep it?



  • *scratches head*

    Well, there was a post many months ago asking that it be un-stuck (by the thread's creator).

    As the purpose was to calculate the actual number of 'live' contributors, perhaps it should be un-stuck and you guys could reveal some stats instead?
  • 24.09.09 - 'tis there in black and white.
  • edited February 2010
    Yes Baggy Books - Forget-Me-Not and Dorothyd exchanged a few words about whether the thread should be 'unstickied' but didn't actually ask Jon (to my knowledge) - which is why I'm asking now.

  • The original idea was a good one but yes, I think that perhaps it's now time to move on. The idea was to use the thread only once, by the way, so that the number of active users could be estimated but after a time, people were using it to let us know when they were popping back in after an absence. So basically, it became an inaccurate count. (That's my lowly opinion anyway.) Thanks Tam.
  • I think it has served its purpose, so I'd have no problem with it becoming unstickied.
  • me neither
  • I don't mind it being gone
  • I agree it can go - but thanks for checking before making a change.
  • yank it off the board, rip it up and stamp on it. Please.
  • Phot's Moll said: thanks for checking before making a change.

    It's the members' thread Phot's Moll and your decision. I'll leave it a little longer to give other members a chance to have their say, then unsticky it tomorrow if that's the consensus.

  • I agree. Unstick.
  • As Captain Piccard would say 'Make it so'
  • edited February 2010
    Bin it - I love to declutter
  • Unstick - it's clogging up my screen
  • yes take the stickiness off, it's stuck to the heel on my shoe now .... grrrr
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