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Who's in April 10's magazines due out 4th March?

edited March 2010 in - WM and WN
Who's in April 2010’s magazines? The magazines are due out on 4th March so DON'T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.


  • That time again already...
  • Good God! I haven't read last month's yet. Nor the one from the month before. :-(
  • I haven't either Rich...I haven't done a lot of reading recently. That must improve.
  • I am hoping my ghost poem will be in there - I was told it has come second in the competition and expected publication date April. Fingers crossed, then I will get the cheque!
  • I think my story for the 'long time no see' competition is going to be in there. I don't subscribe so I'll have to wait until the 4th to check!
  • edited March 2010
    At least there will be some Talkbackers we know to look out for when the mags arrive.
    Congratulations both of you.
  • I subscribed to WM/WN a couple of weeks ago and they told me the March edition would be my first, but I received a letter today saying it would be the July edition that's the first, so am a bit peed off.
  • I'd query that, Lily - it sounds like a typo to me as it would make no commercial sense to delay commencement of your subscription.
  • Congrats Viv and Van. I love your poem Viv. Going to read you story later, Van as I have to go out now. Well done.
  • Mine arrived today, anyone else got theirs?
    I saw Viv's poem.
    And 'Remember Me' is in Van.
    Saw one other TBer's name in WN.
  • Well done Viv and Van!
  • Congrats to both of you (and anyone else in it). I'm dead impressed. WM just turned down an interview I pitched them, but very nicely. One day...
  • Lovely poem, Viv. Well done.

    Loved the story, Van. Well done.
  • Well done Viv and Van :-)

    Read and enjoyed both (yes even the poem, and I dont usually *do* poetry ;-) )

    pp x
  • edited March 2010
    I have a letter on page 9 WM, although no one would know because it has been wrongly attributed to someone else.
    Although I've previously had some short-story shortlistings, this is the first time I've had anything actually in print in WM. Put me down as gutted.
    If I had a cat I would kick it :(
  • Awwww.

    Well at least we all know now snaimale. Well done to you (I ain't read it yet, not got my copy but I will)
  • Do let the editor know. There will now be someone wondering when they wrote it...
  • ... and when the cheque will arrive (if one is to be sent)
  • [quote=Carol]Do let the editor know. There will now be someone wondering when they wrote it... [/quote]

    I've already sent a whining email to the letters people...

    [quote=dora]... and when the cheque will arrive (if one is to be sent) 1 to 19 of 19[/quote]

    I dont write anything that results in cheques Dora :)
  • Which letter is it?
  • [quote=kateyanne]Which letter is it? [/quote]

    The longer letter under the heading 'Let your humour show'.
  • I am SO pleased with the judging comments about my poem. Alison Chisholm has really talked about it a lot in the judging article, praising my technique and all sorts of other stuff! Worth more than the prize in 'pride value' !! Thanks to all those here who said they enjoyed it too. There's something about writing a successful poem that means much more to me than writing a good short story - can't explain why, except to say that a poem needs so much more crafting and thought about its form and language, that getting it right feels fantastic.
  • well done to those TB's in the mags this month, haven't read anything yet, will do later this evening, have an urge to do some writing at the moment.
  • Still haven't seen it. I really must subscribe. But received my cheque this morning!!! I'll buy a copy tomorrow. This is my first magazine appearance! Well done Viv - looking forward to reading your poem! Sorry about your lack of credit snailmale.
  • I'm runner up in the story comp - again. This is driving me nuts. I know I shouldn't complain but I am so nearly getting it right, but not quite. Oh well. Well done Van, Viv (liked them both). Well done snailmail - I need to go back to read yours. Well done to the other person with a letter in Writers News too - very good letter. I liked the Scottish language, though I'm blowed if I could understand it. ;) Do send my love to the haggis. How is he?
  • I did recognise your name there Mutley, but was waiting for you to find it and confess! Well done. Runner up is nearly there. Next time....!
  • well done Mutley I saw your name too but was waiting for you to mention it.
  • Well done Viv,Van, Mutley and snailmale.
  • Yes, knew it was you Mutley when I checked the mag this morning- well done.
  • Well done Mutley and Snailmale (you will still get recognition from us at least!)
  • Well done Snailmale - sorry you didn't get your credit!

    Well done, Mutley, too! I had numerous poetry shortlistings before I got a second place. It will happen - you're obviously doing all the right things and it was just a judges preference on the day. Keep sending them in!

    Well done Van. I really enjoyed your story and found it very relate-to-able.

    Last but certainly not least, well done to Viv. I thought your poem was beautifully sad and very evocative. (I actually preferred it to the winner, although I did think that was good too.)

    What a clever lot you are!
  • many congratulations to all TBers who made it into the hallowed pages this month, keep it going, the aim is a complete and total takeover...
  • Well done everyone, look forward to my copy so I can see you all in print.
  • Well done Viv,Van, Mutley and snailmale. Loved your poem Viv, and the comments were excellent.
  • [quote=snailmale]I have a letter on page 9 WM, although no one would know because it has been wrongly attributed to someone else[/quote]

    Snail, how about we all go down to our local WHS with a marker pen ;)

    Congratulations, everyone. I now need to note all your names on a post-it before I can read...
  • [quote=Mabh]Snail, how about we all go down to our local WHS with a marker pen [/quote]

    Think we should start a protest outside. Bring your placards everyone and your shouty voices.
  • Well done, all!

    Snailmale, that's a pain - make sure they print a correction and apology next month!
  • Well done Van, Viv, Snailmail and Mutley. as Dorothy said :[quote=dorothyd]the aim is a complete and total takeover...
    Over about four years, when I first started sending short stories off, I got shortlisted 11 times but never got to runner-up, Mutters, so don't despair! AND NEVER GIVE UP Why don't they do the 'country story' any more?
    I'm off to find Viv's pome and the letter and to see Mutters' name in print again.
    Complete takeover. Is that a cross between a takeaway and a makeove?
    Well done, you lot
  • Yes well done all.
    Talkbackers are featuring more often now. :)
  • Well done to all included - can't make specific comment because I haven't read them yet! :)
  • Viv, Ive just read the feedback on your poem - you do right to feel proud!

    pp x
  • I think ... the encouragement we give one another on here, the high standards of the OWC, the constant 'anyone writing' thread pushes us all the time to do better, write more, and then again, do better than we did before, and it is showing in the increase of TBers in WM and WN! A takeover is not that far away, if we all keep flat out working!
    Talking of the OWC, good word - really busting my brains on this one!
  • I still haven't received my copy yet but congratulations to everyone in there this month. I look forward to reading your pieces when it eventually arrives.
  • edited March 2010
    Well there is one who has posted on here, but not yet acknowledged that they feature in WN letters. (except by whisper to me, when I asked) Very good letter, too.

    Congratulations to all, especially Van for winning the story, Viv for her poem - and Mutters for her highly commended! Snailmale, are you sure you're not Olive?
  • Yes well done Van, Viv and Mutley. Loved the story Van it rang lot's of bells,I remember writing a similar theme about standing in a queue at an author's book signing but never had the courage to send it off so extra congrats for sending yours off and winning.

    I read and enjoyed your poem Viv even though poetry isn't usually my thing and I too preferred it to the winner, probably because it was so tight and economic like the feedback says.:-)

    Snailmale I'm sure WM will credit you now you've raised it, I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed, I try and write 'properly' too but I've just been back through some old stuff I never polished and sent out because I thought the content rather frivolous and discover there are stories there that could be gems had I realised they were 'my voice' at the time. I think I'll stop fighting that 'inner voice' and get on with it. Well done and thanks for the kick up the backside ;-)
  • I really loved your excellent, haunting poem, Viv. Congratulations!
  • Stii waiting for my copy to arrive. Hopefully tomorrow :)
  • Still no sign of my copy....the post just seems to be getting worse here.
  • My congratulations too to those successful this time.

  • Well done, everyone! There's a mention of Smashwords on page 28 of Writers' News. I've just tried to post a link to my books, but no luck. I'll see if it's working later.
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