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Part 3 of the interactive story is online!

edited March 2010 in - Reading
Thanks to everyone who voted for what's going to happen to Boz's babies in part 3 of my experimental interactive story - part 3 is now ready to read so get voting - it could be a hard decision this week!


PS Thanks to those who left comments too - did you notice you were assigned a 'monster' persona?!


  • Brilliant! I voted again - always looking forward to the next one!
  • I liked my monster persona. :)
    Just got home, so I'll read part 3 tonight.
  • Voted. I think I'm on the winning side again :-)
  • Voted. Enjoyed reading it.
  • Really enjoyed part 3, but choosing between option 2 and option 3 was difficult, but I finally decided.
    I have great sympathy for Mr Boz, I had enough trouble with three going in different directions- and that was with reins on them!
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