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Who's in June 10’s magazines due out 6th May?

edited May 2010 in - WM and WN
Who's in June 2010’s magazines? The magazines are due out on 6th May so DON'T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away


  • Another month already.
  • I should have an article in there about writing, perfecting and finding markets for very short pieces. Not everyone wants to be a novelist! Hope it's going to be in there anyway!
  • Congrats if it is, and even if it isn't, Viv.
  • Hope the bank holiday doesn't make it late arriving.
    Well done Viv.
  • congrats in advance to all TBers who are in the new mags,(when they arrive) still looking to make it a total TB takeover!
  • I sent a couple of letters in, but I was late reading the magazines so I may have missed the boat.
  • OMG my photo is on the front of Writer's News! I thought it would be just a little piece about my Divine poetry win.
    Also I am shortlisted on page 27 of WM in the life experiences poetry comp.
  • That's great Kateyanne!

    I'll look forward to seeing it when my mags arrive (nothing today)
  • That's wonderful Kateyanne, congratulations.
    Haven't had any post yet, but I've seen a postman around on the main road, so hopefully it will turn up soon.
  • Mine's here. Well done Kateyanne - you do indeed look "thrilled"!!

    Excellent article Viv - I scoured through without reading the others first, just to find it (pages 56/7).
  • Mine didn't arrive today, so it will probably turn up tomorrow. Sounds like there are things worth reading.
  • Kateyanne, what great news!!!! How's that for a huge confidence boost then!
  • It should be waiting for me on the welcome mat when I get home from school.
  • Well done, Kateyanne. You made the front page! Wow!
  • edited May 2010
    Wow - Well done Kateyanne. Congratulations Viv - yours is in there also. Great to see TBers doing so well.
  • edited May 2010
    Excellent, Kateyanne. Are you corrupted by fame, yet? ;) :-)

    Viv... now I need to go to the shops again. I need your article.
  • [quote=kateyanne]OMG my photo is on the front of Writer's News! I thought it would be just a little piece about my Divine poetry win.[/quote]

    Well done! Already spotted you - and Viv too!
  • Kateyanne and Viv - well done both!
  • Well done Kateyanne.
  • Hope my copy will be waiting on the mat when I get home later.
  • Well done Kateyanne had to go get mine and have a look nice to put a face to the name :-)
  • And as well as being a covergirl, Kateyanne, you can also class as a centrefold in Writing Mag.
    OK, it's only an ad and it's very small, but still!

    Well done Viv too. I'll look forward to reading your article later.
  • Yes just looking at my copy now- good picture too Kateyanne (and the item goes over onto page2 as well as the front cover).
  • Did anyone notice that Viv has been deified by WM? (p3: "As Rosie Kent, Her children's poems have been published in several anthologies.") I enjoyed reading Her article!

    Also congrats to centrefold Katieanne!
  • Viv got a Contributors spot listing- well done Viv.
  • Just read Viv's article, well done to her and also I saw Rosalie's name?
  • Just got my copy of WN - well done, Kateyanne.
  • Well done Kateyanne and Viv - I'd better go and see if mine are on the mat.
  • Hmm, mine didn't arrive. :(
  • Well done Kateyanne and Viv!

    Also noticed my name mentioned in the star letter of WM - not written by me, but about my story from the April mag. Does that count? :)
  • Anything related counts. :)
  • Congratulations, Viv, Kateyanne and Van. The article looks good, Viv, and I'll read it with interest.
  • I'm still trying to find an undisturbed ten minutes to read them, every time I start an article I get interupted. :(
  • Viv, read your article yesterday. Thank you - it's stopped me padding out a story I had once considered finished.
  • Well done to everyone in this month's WM and WN. Hopefully, I will get some time to read it tonight.
  • well done, Kateyanne, Viv and Van :)
    I'd love to read your pieces/see your thrilled faces/look for your names being mentioned but I have to wait for a ship from England to bring my copy of WN/WM.
    It takes sooooo long for all my mags and other UK post to arrive here (NZ).
  • I couldn't possibly coment as I still have not received mine. :(
  • Not on Page Three, I note, KA!
    Great little plug, good photo, and well done. You too, Viv and Rosalie - but I've not got as far as you yet,maybe in the bath tonight ...
  • Second place in the Shyness story comp. My story isn't in Writing Mag but should be on the website sometime soon...

    Congrats to the others mentioned.
  • Well done BG.
  • Great news BG!
  • well done, BG!
  • Mine finally arrived today. I have even got the heart to open it at the moment (too many things on my mind) but congratulations to anyone who made it in there. :)
  • Well done Bagkok girl
  • Congrats to Kateyanne, Viv, Van and Bangkok Girl. We are proud of you :)

    I always enjoy your articles Viv, and this one is no exception.
  • Well done, BG.

    I've just heard that the publisher of my first book, Circaidy Gregory Press, is featured in Writers' News (sorry I don't have a page number). My first book 'Charity's Child' gets a mention, as does my upcoming children's novel 'Coping with Chloe'.
  • I saw that Rosalie, but was waiting for you to mention it. Well done!
  • Good publicity Rosalie, well done.
  • Congrats to everyone in the magazine - a bumper TB month!!
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