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charity anthology

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Not exactly a success - or not yet anyway! But I have been asked to contribute a story to a new paperback book/anthology of 30 stories by womens magazine fiction writers which will hopefully be published around October and will be sold in aid of a breast cancer charity. Early days yet, but sounds a good project, and the book should be on the shelves in bookshops and supermarkets if all goes well.


  • Sounds really interesting, Viv. Good for you.
  • That's fab news!
  • Well done on being asked!
  • Well done, Viv!
  • is there no end to your successes, Viv? Proves that all that hard work pays off! Congratulations!
  • Well done, Viv!
  • Congratulations - looking forward to reading the anthology!
  • Conrats viv, that sound wonderful, and for a worthy cause.
  • Congratulations Viv.
  • Congrats, Viv!
  • Congratulations Viv.
  • Well done, Viv.
  • That is fantastic, Viv - well done.
  • [quote=Viv]Not exactly a success [/quote]

    You've been asked to contribute - if that's not a success, I don't know what is! Congratulations!
  • Thanks all. Just hope it goes ahead now!
  • Great news, Viv!
  • Congrats!!
  • This sounds like an interesting project. Well done Viv!
  • An update: The book is called Diamonds and Pearls. Just being released now from Accent Press. With part of the proceeds going to a breast cancer charity.
    It was all put together by our very own Elaine, aka writebag. So very well done to her, and thanks for including me in it.
    You can get it from Amazon now, at just over a fiver. Please do!!
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    Is it available as an e-book too?

    Congratulations writebag and Viv. :)
  • Well done Viv - and writebag.
  • Yes Carol, ePub, PDF and Kindle .mobi from the Amazon whispernet too.
  • That's good, I'll look for it tomorrow. Thanks.
  • Well done Viv and Writebag.
  • Well done and for a good cause
  • well done.
  • http://www.amazon.co.uk/Diamonds-Pearls-Sparkling-Collection-Short/dp/1907726586/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1296428191&sr=1-1

    Bought one!
  • Thanks BB. Hope you enjoy reading it.
  • congratulations to everyone involved in this, good charity!
  • Thank you!
    I'm really chuffed that Viv agreed to join us with the anthology. We have some great womag writers who contributed stories and the book is starting to interest the 'meeja' so the charity should really benefit.
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    I bought a copy of the e-book last night, it is in my library waiting to be loaded to my reader.

    And it gets a mention in my latest blog posting.
  • My pre-ordered copies of the book arrived today. Lovely to actually see it in print at last. Couldn't resist going on Amazon and sending a few copies as gifts to family and friends, All in a good cause.
  • I was reading it last night Viv and have enjoyed all the stories I've read so far.
    I liked yours Viv, that made me smile. :)
    I'd certainly recommend to any TB who likes short stories to buy a copy and as a donation goes to a good cause, even better.
    (I got my ePub copy from Accent Press's website.)
  • It's arrived! Won't have time to dip in just yet, but I'm looking forward to reading it all.
  • I've enjoyed all the stories I've read so far- I'm over half way through.
  • Promotion of the book is going well with several of the contributors arranging local radio interviews etc. I have managed to set up my own authors page on Amazon now and hopefully, once they verify me as a co-author, my pic will appear on the Diamonds and Pearls book page alongside some of the other writers who have stories in the book. Glad you are enjoying reading it Carol. I read the whole book in 2 late evening sittings and can honestly say there's not a bad story in there!
  • I haven't been able to get to it yet, but I will.
  • I'm sure you'll enjoy it BB.
    I only have a few stories left to go.
  • Began reading it tonight. Read six or so. Nice gift idea if anyone's struggling to find a present for a girlfriend or mother.
  • Well done, Viv.
  • For those who read WF, there is a page there every month called The Ideas Store, by Paula Williams. In the May issue, it will be all about our charity anthology Diamonds and Pearls, with all the contributors (including me) talking about how they each got the idea for the story they contributed. Hopefully this will show new writers just how many different things can lead to a story idea, and at the same time give us extra publicity for the book.
  • I like that page in WF.
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