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Interview with a debut author: Candy Gourlay

edited May 2010 in - Reading
For anyone who's interested, I've posted an interview with debut author, Candy Gourlay.

Published by David Fickling, Candy's work has been described thus -

“Tall Story combines wry humour and profound comment on cultural identity … convincing, witty and poignant” The Bookseller children’s book choice for June 2010

“It isn't often that I am in fits of laughter one minute and in tears the next - TALL STORY is one of the warmest, funniest, most moving books I've read in a long time - and Candy Gourlay is a rare and new voice in children's fiction.“ Bella Pearson, editorial director, David Fickling Books


  • I'm sure I've heard of Candy Gourlay, though I can't think of where or in what context. I'll read your interview asaic, Tracy.
  • I thought her comments were really insightful, and her approach fresh and energetic. Another great interview, Tracy.
  • Excellent, Tracy. Thanks for this.
  • Brilliant - well done again, Tracy. Doesn't Candy Gourlay write a blog called 'Messages from the slushpile' or something? Though maybe she doesn't any more :)
  • Hi Rosalie
    Yes, Candy's blog is 'Notes from the Slushpile'. She still writes it and there is a link at the end of the interview.
  • Came a little late to this. Fascinating stuff - thanks, Tracy.
  • I get e-mails from her from SCBWI - I just thought she was some faceless administrator in America!!!
    Thank you for recreating my image of her, Tracy!
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