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Strictly Writing Comp - Shortlisted in May

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Well! Kind Heather-sharp-Eyes has pointed out to me that I got shortlisted in the StrictlyWriting competition for May. I have to say I'm really chuffed about it. If you can be bothered, you can read my entry on their website. Thanks for spotting it, Heather!


  • Well done, Ceka!
    Dead right to be chuffed!

    And I'm sure when it comes to the final you'll do much better than a 'SeVEN!'
  • Wow, Ceka. Well done! :)
  • Well done Ceka, I wonder if it feels better when you aren't waiting for a result?
  • brilliant news, Ceka! On a roll, for sure!
  • Congratulations Ceka.
  • Well done Ceka. You're on good form!
  • http://strictlywriting.blogspot.com/

  • Well done Ceka!!
  • Great news!
  • Congratulations
  • Well done, Ceka! :)
  • Brilliant!
  • Great news - congratulations, ceka!
  • Great stuff, Ceka - very well done.
  • That was great, Ceka. There's a whole book in that! Good luck!
  • VanVan
    edited June 2010
    Well done, Ceka! Just read the story - it's beautiful. So you've only got to wait eight more months to find out if you've won the award, is that right? Good luck!
  • edited June 2010
    You've never bothered to read anything of mine so don't see why I should go for a read.... ;) titter-guffaw

    "Unprofessional thoughts and questions started circling again, vultures in my mind."

    Loved that line C.

    Congrats and getting shortlisted!!
  • Finally had time to follow the link and read your story. (Um - I presume Firstborn was yours?!)
    Anyway is was a great story - I left a comment.
    Good luck in the competition.
  • Well done ceka and good luck
  • Good luck for it.
  • Well done. Just read it. A great story.
  • Great story, just read it.
  • my comment's there, Ceka, as Antonia Woodville, the google name which comes up each time I leave a comment anywhere,.
  • Thank you, everyone. I did guess you must the Antonia, Dorothy, I think the Woodville bit was the giveaway! Thanks Claudia as well, for leaving a comment.
  • Just left you a comment, Ceka. I loved your story - beautifully written.
  • Woodville to my bones, me ...
  • Good stuff, ceka. Shows your knowledge of medical situations - it pays to write what you know. No chance of selling that one to a womens mag??
  • congratulations, Ceka :))
    I read the story last night but didn't comment as people already said what I had to say.
    Well done :))
  • Nice story, Ceka. Let's hope you go all the way.
  • Well done, Ceka!
  • Well done, Ceka.
  • And again, congratulations!
  • Well done ceka.
  • Thank you all, once again. Who else is going to have a go and be the June Author?
  • I sent one last month (and you beat me!) - think we can only send one in total, not one per month?
  • They may not have read yours yet, PM. They said they would read about 30 a month and pass any they didn't get around to into future months, so you never know!
  • Well done, Ceka!
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