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Who's in July 10's magazines due out 3rd June?

edited June 2010 in - WM and WN
Who's in July 2010’s magazines? The magazines are due out on 3rd June so DON'T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.


  • I'm still waiting for the June issue to arrive! I was assured it would be here last week.
  • Chase up the local post office sorting centre.
  • I'll ring 'em in the morning. Thanks Carol.
  • If they haven't got it then ring subscriptions and let them know it never arrived.
  • I've done subscriptions already - they're the ones who said they'd resend to arrive last week. I'll see what Royal Mail have got to say for themselves
  • Not at the sorting office - and no reply to my email - I feel a cancellation coming on ...
  • Always better to ring subscriptions. The one time my issue didn't turn up, I rang and my replacement copy arrived within the week, my missing copy arrived the next day!
    If they can't get you a copy of it ask for your subscription to be extended by a month.
  • Wouldn't be so bad but it was the first time i'd submitted a letter to ed!
  • Saw recognisable names in the WM letters, The Junk Mail story runner-up and the WN competition results too...Well done all.
  • Thanks Carol- I'm a shorlisted name in the Junk Mail comp. Yet again the bridesmaid - hey ho and the same post brought yet another agent rejection, so feeling down rather than up!

    Well done to everyone else - I shall find your names when I sit down with a coffee and start reading through.
  • My copy just landed on the welcome mat. Well Done to all of those in!
  • Well done Mutley saw your name.
  • congrats to all who got a mention, one way or another!
  • Just arrived today - well done Mutley, I can only dream of getting on the shortlist!
  • Mutley look on the shortlisting as you are doing something right, as you keep getting shortlisted. :)
  • edited June 2010
    I've seen celia kay andrew Shortlisted in the legend writing awards flash fiction comp on pg15 ofWN. I am right in thinking she is a member if the site?
  • I spotted some familiar names...well done to you all! :)
  • Yes, Robin. Me. I spotted two other TB-ers in the 'Getting Lost' comp - Malcolm for one (anyone heard from him recently? and ... well, she might come on here and tell you herself!
    Well done, Mutters!
  • OK - almost forgiven - subscriptions are checking out the June issue for me, but the July issue is here and my letter has made it to p9 under the heading 'More Block-beaters'.

    Well done to the other names I recognise, too!
  • Had mine I'm in shock I just can't believe another months has gone!! I feel I haven't read a thing in weeks-so well done to those mentioned and I'll get to it asap :)
  • Congratulations Scratch.
  • Well done all!
  • Well done Scratch and Ceka
  • My letter about "knitting" is on page 8 of Writing Magazine. Purlease!
  • well done all who got in it!
  • Oh, Jay, I'll just HAVE to go and look now!
    Well done Scratch!
  • Congratulations to all!
  • Well done Jay, your letter was the first TB name I recognised.
  • same here
  • Mine has just arrived. Well done to all who got in. I'm inspired to try harder.
  • Well done Mutley, Scratch, Jay, Ceka, Malcolm and anyone else who got a mention this month.
  • Well done everyone. Mine arrived on time this month just in time to kickstart me back into writing. :)
  • Well done Jay and Malcolm.
    I am pleased that WM now has profiles of poets, something I have been wanting to see.
  • Congrats to all who get a mention.
  • I had the nod that I might be in but just wanted to get the magazine to confirm. I'm one of the bridesmaid's along with Mutley but pretty pleased to be in the shortlising for the Lost story in Writers' News. Would have been more pleased to be the winner but at least it's a bit of movement of a mostly still pond at the moment.
  • Well done Susie.
  • good news, Susie, an indication you're moving in the right direction.
  • Well done Susie!
  • Mind my manners! Forgot to say, because I was writing my bit in a hurry, well done everyone who got a mention. Will punish myself later with a chunk of chocolate :-)
  • I don't think I was mentioned by name, but another writer says one of my pieces is in this issue. I'm waiting for my copy to turn up and then I'll state which page etc....
  • Well done everyone! Team TB are taking over!
  • Steve, welcome to TB, why not introduce yourself on the Welcome Writers thread so we can all say hello?
  • My offering is on page 7 - Getting to Know You - "You Know You're A Writer When..." - uncredited. There's a link to the ever-growing list (now over a hundred) on my profile.

    dorothyd - thanks for the welcome and prompt to the Welcome Writers thread. Tried to "Thank" you on your profile, but there was nothing clickable, so I couldn't work out how to do it?
  • Hi, Steve. Are you looking for the 'thanks' button? It's on each ordinary post/comment, top right - along with Quote, Report Post, and whisper.
  • Yup. Found it 14 seconds before your post, Jay. You can have a thumb-up anyway. As it were.
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