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I've tried to pick a quiet time, but no doubt some of you will be using the system at the moment.
I'm changing some of the structure of Talkback, categories, etc, so things might not be where you expect them to be for a short while. Will try to be as quick as poss, and let you know more when it's done.


  • Made some progress. Check the categories list... finally, know at a glance whether you're posting in a private category! Still more to do though
  • tis good! thanks!
  • LizLiz
    edited June 2010
    Thank you Webbo!

    Wow, and edit to say it's really nice and clear as well if you don't use the category page but the combined list.
  • Coming along well Webbo. :)
  • edited June 2010
    Okay, we're getting there now! I've made a few more changes (probably clearest to view from the categories pull-down in the left margin at the moment). If a category is private, it should be obvious now, however you get to it.
    I've made parent categories for official stuff, writing topics and off-topic chat (wonder which will be most popular?!)
    Unfortunately this has led to one minor niggle... the categories page, http://www.writersnews.co.uk/writers_talkback/categories.php , now displays the parent groups, with no information pulled through about its sub-groups, and if you click them, you then get the list of sub-groups.
    What will hopefully be in effect soon is that the parent groups will combine all the information from their sub-groups, so clicking the "Writing" parent category, for example, will display the list of sub-groups AND all the posts from those sub-groups.

    In short, you should hopefully be able to choose whether you are "working" (pick the "Writing" category), distracted (pick "Off-topic) or going for a lucky dip ("All posts")!
  • Very nice Webbo.
  • Sounds like Double Greek to me. I'll just mosey around getting lost until one of the others hoiks me out of the mire, as ever. Thank you Carol, in advance.
  • edited June 2010
    Well, I've had a little look round, Webbo dear. I can't find all the things I was looking for, but I spect they'll turn up.
    After all your hard work, do have some Virtual Swiss Chocolate, I'm sure you are in need of it. I don't like changes, but it's probably a good idea to have some things 'Private'
    Thank you for your effort. I got home early today and despite the rain must go and work poor Hoss, so I'm signing off now. Leave the key under the mat when you go so the others can still get in.
  • Webbo, where have you put what used to be the Poetry threads?
  • edited June 2010
    Hi Viv,
    the Work in Progress category, so it's still private for those posting their own work. And discussion about poetry in general discussion would be okay for Writing problems or News and queries, hopefully.
  • Oh bliss. And bliss, bliss and more bliss.
  • When I posted a thread earlier I found the extended bits in the main categories very helpful. And the ones that are private are very clear so it should help.
    Thank you Webbo.
  • The changes are great. I always go in under "all categories", so that I don't have to trawl through and miss things. It's great to know if a thread I'm replying on is a private or open discussion. Genius.:D

  • I haven't got 'all categories' - where is that, SA?
  • If you're on one of the categories, go to the drop-down box thing on the left hand side. The top option is "all unblocked categories". Click on that, and that will show you the world... ;)

  • I haven't got my head round it yet - but suppose it will come in time - like ceka says, with the help of others no doubt !
    Thanks Webbo
  • There are less categories - that's better.
  • I am assuming that the private categories are for registered members of TB?
  • They are the ones that won't come up on Google. You have to be registered to post anything.
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