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Have I done the right thing?

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I was reading an issue of WM (March issue) and I read an article on content mills. Curious, I googled, looking for sites that want to hire writers on a freelance business. Well, I have approached a few companies offering my services. I am now doubting my abilities! Either tell me I am a fool or massage my ego please.......


  • Submit something and go with the flow!

    (assuming you're happy with their terms and conditions)
  • Worth a try!
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    YOu will only have known if you have done the right thing once the deed is done, so I'd say go furrit.
  • Hi Febes,

    Just make sure you are aware of how much you are getting paid, and when/how etc (some will only pay when you have earned a certain amount)

    Deman Studios is one of the better ones I think. They provide content for sites such as ehow, trail.com, and others. They pay $15/ehow article, and you can choose a subject from the bulletin board - you need to write for an american readership, so some topics are a bit strange - how to build a smokehouse...;-) but if you find some that you can write quickly, then it may be worth doing :-)

    You could also try your luck at dailyarticle.com you write and article and post it for sale on their site, putting your own price on it, then pay a commission to the site when it sells (Ive sold quite a lot on there in the past).

    Hope it works out for you. If you want more help writing 'Internet' content (it is slightly different from writing for print) then send me a whisper.

    pp x
  • Give it a whirl, if it doesn't work out, at least you can say you gave it a go. Don't fill your deathbed up with too many regrets.
  • pp

    that's useful information thanks even tho I didn't start this thread

    but how do you decide how to price your own article?

  • I price mine per word, but the price per word depends on the content - how much research is necessary etc.

    Once I know the time needed and length required, I just work it out from there. Knowing how long the research will take is the key.
  • Thanks passionatepens. I looked at Demand Studios (or whatever they are called!) and they wanted sample articles. I think they also wanted a CV. As I didn't know what to put for articles and I don't have ANY writing on my CV I left them alone for the time being. As for the Daily Article one, it sounds brilliant, but I wouldn't know what to write. I will send you a whisper later (just about to go to the vets!) as it is something I am interested in doing, as I could maybe earn a few pennies whilst I concentrate on fiction. Thanks for all your support guys :D
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