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(Exercise) Set your writing free

edited June 2010 in - Writing Problems
Interesting technique suggested in the below article:



  • I really must read slower, I read part of it as 'how to set your creative breast free'...;)
  • I saw a news story on the internet the other day that I should have read slower.

    The story was 'man arrested for killing partner'.

    What I read was 'man arrested for killing panther'. I wanted to know where this panther was! I think my version was more...wild? ;)
  • That's just daft lol

    You either want to write, or you don't. Sitting down and doing some colouring in isn't going to make you a better writer.
  • That's a fair comment Lee although I do think sometimes anything that can help give you a kick up the bum or a nudge in the right direction can be constructive. I have not tried this one yet though
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