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Anyone got a copy of Alan Bennett's The History Boys?

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I watched this on Saturday and tried to remember a specific word in it, but ended up forgetting it. The scene is when the younger teacher (in a future point) is speaking to a camera while in the ruins of an Abbey. He mentions the word that is "a thing of beauty".....

Anyone got a copy of the script and time to look it up for me?

Thanks in advance.


  • I'll ask if anyone has seen it/borrowed it/read it last - if I find it I'll let you know.
    Finding a book - a particular book - in here? You're having a laugh! There are books everywhere being read or just put down anywhere - I can cope with that, a working filing system, until 'er indoors has a blitz.
  • http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_n6UoA8u7gZs/SwNZ6FmtqOI/AAAAAAAABcA/w-egVFBX9Ns/s1600/too+many+books.jpg
  • Who let that old man in my house?
  • oh good one!
  • That's a great photo!
  • The word you're looking for, RG, is possibly 'apotheosis'.

    Irwin, the younger teacher says, "...it was thanks to the villain Henry VIII that the monasteries achieved their purpose and their apotheosis."
  • Neil is the winner :)

    Thanks for that my friend, I can no add a title to my new ten minute film script. Boy was that bugging me.

    Thanks to all those who offered help.

  • Film script?
    Keep us informed, my antennae are twitching with interest
  • Well don't get too twitchy, no one has asked me to do this or is paying me for it, so who knows if it will ever see the light of day.
  • OK, pack the antennae away. Bloody hard flying with them out anyway, they keep bashing into things and braining innocent passing bats
  • Hello everyone,

    I have picked up this thread just as it seems closed but I've just joined the group. Allowances please for a newbie to the pages.

    My input.
    1. When was The History Boys screened, and where? Somehow I missed it.
    2. I'm puzzled by the reply to the question about the quote. I have a copy of 'The History Boys. The Film' which includes the shooting script and I cannot find the quote that Neil came up with in it anywhere in the Abbey scene. Chapter (sorry - no pun intended) and verse would be welcomed.
    3. I picked up my copy (as a hardback remainder) in Poundland, Yeovil - how much? Have a guess. They still have copies.

    Regards to all,

  • Hi, Aitch. Welcome to Talkback. Why not introduce yourself on the Welcome Writers category? (The categories have recently been changed, and we're all finding it a bit confusing.) What sort of thing do you write/read?

    You don't sing, do you?
  • Hello Jay,

    Sing? Yes, like a piece of coke caught under a door.

    I've done an intro for myself. Hope it is in the right place.
  • So you WERE in Steps!
  • Sorry. What is / are Steps?
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    (I hope this is an OK link - seems OK to me, but what do I know about it?)


    You're the one in the middle (of the main picture)! See, it mentions your name. :)
  • Hello Jay,
    Found it. D'you know, I'd forgotten about that pic. It doesn't really do me justice. Mrs Aitch is on it too - at the front.
    I've just renewed my passport and the new photo I needed frightened me when I saw it. Some ugly old codger I didn't recognise staring at me.
  • I don't think there has or ever will be a Mrs Aitch from Steps.
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    Is he? How did I miss that? Going through Passport Control recently, I wondered if I'd be stopped. Obviously expired. Not the passport - the person in the photo!
  • :)
    Like my bus pass picture- who is that awful woman? (I was ill at the time and the grey hairs were showing through...)
  • I have a nose clipper you can borrow Carol, for that sort of thing.
  • Sorry, Randomguy. We got carried away again.
  • LOL - hey its all in a good cause (of keeping people laughing).
  • [quote=Aitch]2. I'm puzzled by the reply to the question about the quote. I have a copy of 'The History Boys. The Film' which includes the shooting script and I cannot find the quote that Neil came up with in it anywhere in the Abbey scene. [/quote]

    Not for the first time the film script is probably very different from the play script. The bit I quoted is from the play version: Act Two, page 63 in the Faber (Plays) paperback.
  • Hello Neil,

    I'm sure you're right about the difference in the scripts.

    No-one has answered my question about the screening of the piece that I missed. Can you help?

  • 'Fraid not.
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