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There was a thread listing all our blogs/websites

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does anyone know where it has gone? Or can we start another here?

I've recently changed my computer and need to re-add them to my favourites. I love nosing through other people's blogs. :D I also Tweet alot, and will be prepared to tweet blog addys if you do mine. I'm also doing author features on my blog at the moment, if anyone's interested let me know. James Barrington appeared... wow, he has an impressive list of books under his name! Puts my one book to shame!: http://louisewise.blogspot.com/search/label/James%20Barrington

Here's my blog addy: http://louisewise.blogspot.com/


  • Thanks Stan, thought I was invisible for a moment. :D
  • Just seen this. I've bounced one up for you Louise.
  • I could have sworn that I posted on this thread...cos then I went and bounced the blog updates thread up.

    It is official I've gone mad!
  • Thanks peeps.
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