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Fiction Makeover - 52 Ways To Improve Your Novel

edited June 2010 in - Resources
Literary agent Evan Marshall has this free ebook on his website. Find it at the top right of the page.



  • Thanks for the link. Have downloaded and will put it on my iPod to read.
    I have the Marshall Plan book and found it enlightening. I never did the plan itself, mainly because I forgot I had it. I may dig it out and give it a go.Thanks for the reminder.
  • I've just bought his book, ST, and it looks interesting. The website seems to have a lot of good stuff on it too. One to bookmark, I think.
  • Yeah been having a little look around and it does look interesting. He has writing software that puts the Marshall Plan into practice as a writing tool on your computer. I remember looking at it a while back but it was quite expensive. There wasn't a trial or demo so felt uneasy about paying out without trying.
  • Yeah, me too. $150 is a bit steep.
  • 52 ways to improve your novel - look at it every week for a full year and convince yourself it's brilliant then send it off for publishing.

    Saves dollars too :)
  • He's a bloke making lots of money out of stuff we probably already know. Not unlike the Loseweightfast Plan, or the Makeuamillionnaire Plan. Cynical, moi? ;)
  • Bouncing this up for anyone who missed it.
  • I'm actually finding it useful thanks.

    I love a bit of a read.
  • [quote=lexia]Saves dollars too[/quote] [quote=Red]making lots of money out of stuff we probably already know[/quote]

    The dowload is free.
  • The download may be free, but on further reading...this lovely package will cost people $149. Which means he's made cash out of this, that being the whole point.

    "The Marshall Plan® Novel Writing Software comes ready use. When you purchase, you can download it immediately, even if it's 2:00 a.m.. And it takes just minutes to install. You could be writing your novel in less than 20 minutes from right now!

    Includes A No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee"
  • No this is a free tip eBook. The Marshall Plan is a book which has also been developed into apiece of software. That's what's $149.
  • I was pointing out that these lots of types make money this way, whether it's how to write, how to lose half your bodyweight, how to have luminous white teeth...etc etc. Maybe I'm old fashioned about sharing experience and knowledge for the love of it rather than seeing dollar signs. For those whose have downloaded it, hope it gives valuable info.
  • Thanks for this. The tips are, as someone mentioned, things that most of us already know, but it doesn't hurt to have a refresher of the basics.

  • Can I just clarify. The download called "Fiction Makeover" is free. All you have to do is enter your name and email address, which will doubtless mean you will receive some spam, but otherwise there is nothing to pay. Yes, I'm sure some of it will be known to you already. Like any advice you can take it or leave it at your discretion, and I'm not suggesting you should be uncritical of what he says. But it is free advice from an industry professional who looks at manuscripts every day and is bound to have some useful ideas about what works and what doesn't.

    Red, you are right to be cynical because the internet is full of scams and sharks after our money. This website is promoting a writing software programme called "The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing", based on his book which I'm currently reading and finding very interesting. The Marshall Plan software is not free, in fact at $150 it is very expensive. Not having tried it I can't say whether it's worth the money, but personally I wouldn't pay that much for something I hadn't tried. In any case, I'm sure people here are intelligent enough to decide for themselves whether it would be of use to them.
  • I'm enjoying reading these free tips.

    I love refreshing myself on things I already know about writing and I am sure I am learning a few new things too.

    It never hurts I think to reminded of what's what and what's not, when it comes to writing methinks. :)
  • Does anyone know how much the software costs in British sterling please. Thanks a hundred
  • I think it works out about £100, woll. But there might be VAT added to that.
  • Yeah Woll thanks a hundred it is. About £100 sterling but I doubt there will be VAT. Still a top rate for a piece of software when you consider you can get MS Office 2010 for half of that.
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